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share living quarters

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What social scientists refer to as the "selection effect" - that people who cohabit are, as a group, more adverse to commitment that the population at large, and therefore more likely to split up - is no doubt also at work.
Who says couples who don't cohabit are better prepared for marriage?
They cohabit as a trial run for marriage, because they're saving up for their dream wedding or some are opposed to marriage but I don't think most people choose cohabitation over marriage to protect their assets.
When it comes to tax, pensions and inheritance, couples who are married get a better deal than those who just cohabit.
COUPLES who cohabit before marrying are twice as likely to divorce than those who had lived apart, research shows.
The evidence suggests that much of the difference in relationship stability between married and cohabiting parents is due to pre-existing differences between the kinds of people who get married before they have children, compared to those that cohabit," The Telegraph quoted Ellen Greaves, research economist at the IFS, as saying.
The Law Commission is currently reviewing the laws surrounding the rights of couples that cohabit but do not get married.
It found that 71percent of men who were engaged when they moved in with their future first wife made it to their 10th anniversary, while men who didn't cohabit before getting married, the success rate dropped slightly to 69 percent.
Millions cohabit without sorting out who gets what if they split.
As the trend for more and more people to choose to cohabit increases, and hot on the heels of the introduction of the Civil Partnerships Act, the Government asked the Law Commission to undertake a consultation exercise into the effect of the breakdown of such relationships.
According to the commission, where arrangements for the division of property and wealth in the event of divorce are largely straightforward, it is a lot harder for those who choose to cohabit.
The report added, 'The results show that across the two marriage cohorts, spouses who cohabited prior to marriage had poorer marital quality and greater marital instability than those who did not cohabit.
The old-fashioned grandad believes couples who cohabit are living in sin.