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be cognizant or aware of a fact or a specific piece of information

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To understand why Scotus curtails our ability to recognize ourselves as an miago Dei, or image of God, we must look at the means by which a finite intellect can cognize God qua its finite natural condition.
The logical arguments) According to Ross, the very concept of practical reason (cognition) contains a logical contradiction: practical reason is supposed to simultaneously cognize (as reason) the final end of the human will and establish this end (as practical reason) (8).
A monoclonal antibody that re cognizes glucuronic acid residues in arabinogalactan-proteins, LM2, only weakly labeled laticifer walls, but strongly labeled other cells of the shoot apex.
The thing the identity of which one is conscious in cognizing it is the object that one thereby cognizes.
He claims that this is done by the same faculty which cognizes spatial magnitude and he suggests that the cognizing of time is accomplished in roughly the same manner as the cognizing of spatial magnitude: through the use of analogous changes (i.
Instead, he proposed a model according to which, in the first `moment of eternity', God's intellect cognizes all possible states of affairs and, in the second moment of eternity, his will chooses just one maximal set of compossible states of affairs, [S.
For instance, we need to understand that the political configuration of the world is not that of one point of view that safely cognizes and re-writes all foreign experiences from within its monocular perspective.
However a cognition may have been given originally, it is still historical for him who possesses it if he cognizes it only to the degree and extent that it has been given to him from elsewhere.
By what one cognizes all this (world), with what would one cognize that?
Perhaps the most unfortunate lapse is Brown's persistent use of the confusing phrase New Black Arts movement to denote the writings produced between 1965 and 1980 by poets associated with what everyone else re cognizes as simply the Black Arts Movement.
98) However, one trained in metaphysics cognizes the proposition as self-evident, for one can see that the meaning of incorporeal is to lack place, or that an angel is by definition an incorporeal being.
The difference between the Nyaya and Bhatta Mimamsa traditions in this matter had to do with which pramana cognizes it.
It is odd to say that an object of cognition is non-erroneous, inasmuch as an error is caused by a man when he cognizes the object.
He makes the first claim in his Quodlibetal Questions, where he gives an affirmative answer to the question "whether it is in the first truth that the intellective soul cognizes everything that it cognizes.
After all, if we don't possess the metacognitive capacity to track the duration of suffering, why assume theoretical reflection to possess the access and capacity to cognize any 'truth of experience' otherwise?