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be cognizant or aware of a fact or a specific piece of information

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Theodore begins with an OS that is obviously mechanical, then moves to the intentional transparency of his initial relationship with Samantha, only to find himself entangled with something that can only be cognized as machinic once again, this time for the way it exponentially transcends human cognitive capacity.
When, Bahiya, there is for you in the seen only the seen, in the heard only the heard, in the sensed only the sensed, in the cognized only the cognized, then, Bahiya, there is no "you" in connection with that.
As Scotus spelled out earlier in the Ordinatio against those who would reject univocity: "For if God is to be cognized in such a way through a creature, one must prepossess [praehabere] some concept about God, to which we reason, because discursion presupposes some concept of the term to which [termino ad quem].
The reason Birkerts makes an exception for dialogue appears to be that there is a distinction between the language which is cognized primarily as instructions for the construction of the text world (i.
As a film that documents a lesbian filmmaker as she tours her work, showing it to communities of lesbians in various parts of the world, we might expect Audience to conform to and elaborate an experience of identification as confirmation, as solidification of a cognized concept of what a lesbian life or life world might look like, or of what lesbian art might look like.
Behest risk can be cognized which can be discerned.
Over the period, the company took cognized steps in research and manufacturing side also.
Displacement in which the target extrasensorially cognized precedes the intended target by one, two, or more steps (designated as -1, -2, etc.
Imitating the micro-nano structure features and mechanisms of the self-cleaning lotus leaf, super-hydrophobic surface has been cognized and made significant progress in terms of theoretical foundation, building technology and applications.
Absolute music possesses no narrative content to be cognized by the mind.
It is cognized as a single whole, as a homogeneous plurality--in Kantian terms, as a totum.
It is in the nature of cognition to cognize, and the cognized is the operative form of consciousness.
The focus of the book is on experience as it is lived, however, Stern postulates that this is rarely fully realized or fully consciously cognized.
A cognition's occurring presupposes as existent beforehand the participants in the act, including the cognizing agent (pramatr) and the object cognized (prameya).