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be cognizant or aware of a fact or a specific piece of information

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Inside such an equivocal relationship between what is necessary and what is contingent or between what can be cognized and what cannot be cognized, of course, there lies the miraculous import of cognition or the marvelous "unity of law in the combination of its manifold into an experience possible in itself--a unity not indeed to be fathomed by us, but yet thinkable" ("Introduction" 20).
It is even harder to imagine a survey of French organ building in a more generous thirteen examples that does not include the organ of Poitiers Cathedral, universally re cognized as the masterpiece of French classical organ building, and that of Sainte-Clotilde in Paris, made famous by Cesar Frauck.
1) "The principles of the beings, their ranks of order, happiness, and the rulership of the virtuous cities, are either cognized and intellected by man, or he imagines them.
12: na pretya samjnasti) and justifies this (to Maitreyi) startling claim with the argument that after death there is no duality, but there is only atman, and as a consequence there is no longer any difference between seer and seen, hearer and heard, cognizer and cognized.
The sublime initiates a crisis in the subject," Bukatman writes in a separate article, "by disrupting the customary cognized relationship between subject and external reality.
It is in the nature of cognition to cognize, and the cognized is the operative form of consciousness.
Relying on commonplace examples he demonstrates that universals are cognized in each instance irrespective of their being a first instance or a repeated one.
In sum, the nonbeing of objects, which is cognized by the pramana called non-being, is something real.
He is experienced as not-existing and thus all existence is cognized as an error or an accident when it is an object, and as an enemy when it is another person.
Gaiam's Web site, a LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) industry leader in lifestyle products, was taken from concept to production to launch in 90 days and was recently cognized as one of only two profitable Web sites by the Los Angeles Times.
Presenting the core argument of the first half of the second-edition 'Deduction' (15-20 [section] [section]) in this way would also have led to the recognition that the second half of the 'Deduction' (21-27 [section] [section]) cannot be regarded as a second stage of proof, in which it is demonstrated for the first time that the categories must apply to all of our representations because they are all representations of a unitary spatio-temporal world that can be cognized only by means of the categories, for the comprehensive character of t.
I suggest that Thomas speaks of extramental intentiones as "informational aspects" of things that lend themselves to be cognized, and when realized in a cognitive mode, these aspects become representational.
As the data created by professionals, such as software developers, CAD designers, geographical information system engineers and graphic designers, have been the major target of information leakage, the urgent need to protect these core corporate asset has been widely cognized among enterprises struggling to capture industrial competitiveness.
If emotions can yield important knowledge, emotional involvement is an essential component of the reading experience, and so works that, like Camere separate, explicitly demand a strong emotional response can only be evaluated and indeed cognized by participating as fully as possible in the emotional experience they provide.