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be cognizant or aware of a fact or a specific piece of information

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1) Then, we propose a randomized scheme for the reader to cognize tags and describe the details of the scheme.
Of course, there's other ways to cognize as well, genuine nonmechanical knowledge of ourselves and our environments.
According to the first one, practical reason cognizes and establishes moral norms (values, or ends), and according to the second one, it just cognizes moral norms (values, or ends).
She argues that finite reason's failure to perfectly cognize the absolute is not a failure of its project, but an affirmation of reason's freedom to approach the infinite.
From above discussed, we can conclude that the STVH feature is more efficiently to cognize motion saliency semantics than motionlessness ones.
Gorynia (2002)) enable us not only to cognize the regularities of the competitive struggle, but also to identify factors ensuring success in this struggle.
At the end of his self-imposed exile Larry ruminates "on those factors or events in his life that taught him to see in the way a blind man must learn to cognize the physical world the world the seeing take for granted." In a letter to his unrequited love Serenity Larry recites Mert's philosophy: "...the Great Director (God) needs us as his agents if you will to bring fruition to his beautiful dreams...Every time you see an individual achieve something noteworthy think of it as the Great Director's bringing a dream of His to realization through that person."
Bertonneau recently analyzed the student exams for his world literature class and noted, "The inability of many students to cognize even such basic elements as story--first 'A' happens, then 'B' happens, and so forth--is alarming" (What, Me Read?
The masses, which takes guidance from the thoughts of the Leader Muammer Algathafi, realize the challenges facing the Arab world and facing the African Union, and realize the dangers of destabilizing world peace and security and the conspiracies of international discrimination that is led by the forces of aggression, realizing it with a high sense of responsibility and cognize these facts.
Mottaki said that it was Israel that possessed nuclear weapons and "it is t= hreatening Teheran." He added that there were two countries Iran did not re= cognize: apartheid-era South Africa and Israel.
This is part of a discussion centered on the terms pramana, pramatr, and prameya--all derivates of pro ma (praminoti) 'cognize'--which respectively signify an instrument (karana)--that is the cause of a cognition (upalahdhihetu)--an agent (kartr), and an object (karman) in an act of cognition.
Akhmetkarimov to your notice since they are important contributions to cognize the social and political aspect in Former Soviet Union countries.
That's a heartening response, one that indicates that other states re- cognize the federal government's century-old obligation to timber counties in Oregon and elsewhere in the Northwest.