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capable of being known

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Summary judgment was granted in favor of the defendant, AT&T, because "plaintiffs failed to make out a colorable claim for discrimination cognizably under ERISA.
This model, however, did not confer standing on beneficiaries of regulation whose common law interests were not cognizably injured.
And, unless beneficiaries in their banks can develop cognizably distinct levels of inattention to detail based on features of a particular transactions, it should not be surprising that the existence of a mistake in any particular case should be almost random.
The burden of strict liability is too much to impose for sexual threats or comments that affect the lives and well-being of the victim but do not do so in any recognizable or measurable way that an employer can cognizably prevent.
198) Yet, even at their most abstract and implicit, artworks must still have a message cognizably particular to one of the four categories to merit protection.