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Synonyms for therapy



Synonyms for therapy

the systematic application of remedies to effect a cure

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The research hypothesis was that "group cognitive-behavioral therapy is effective on the prevention of relapse of drug-dependent women".
A randomized trial of the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy and supportive counseling for anxiety symptoms in older adults.
After cognitive-behavioral therapy, the abundance of five transcripts--DGKA, IGSF4A/CADM1, KIAA1539, MARCKS, and RAPH1-remained significantly different between the two patient groups.
Patients who received cognitive-behavioral therapy had significantly lower posttreatment scores on both scales, compared with those who received relaxation therapy and educational support.
Dattilio (psychiatry, Harvard Medical School; the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine) presents a contemporary version of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for use with couples and families.
This is the first, study to demonstrate such a duration of benefit from cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia in patients with comorbid chronic medical illness of any kind, Dr.
Many of the depressed teens improved markedly with a combination of Prozac and cognitive-behavioral therapy or Prozac alone.
The purpose of this article is to (a) present information on the symptoms and signs of adolescent depression, (b) propose some types of prevention approaches practical in the school setting, and (c) describe some specific Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy strategies that can be integrated into school-based prevention and intervention activities.
Treatments for GAD include medications and cognitive-behavioral therapy.
Meeting once a week in groups of five to seven, patients then begin what is called cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which involves adjusting behaviors to promote sleep and to alter the patients' misconceptions about their sleep problem, Loewy said.
This book supplies clinicians with a framework that incorporates multisensory imagery into cognitive-behavioral therapy for working with those who experience social anxiety disorder.
A program of cognitive-behavioral therapy combined with substance abuse treatment decreased the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder but had little effect on drug use.
of Exeter, UK)--who has long campaigned for the adoption of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)--addresses a wider audience than social workers who were then hesitant about incorporating CBT into their practice.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy for refractory cases; turning failure into success.
Fibromyalgia patients with a pain-avoidance pattern are more likely to benefit from operant-behavioral therapy focused on changing observable pain behaviors, while those with a predominantly pain-persistence pattern tend to fare better with cognitive-behavioral therapy addressing maladaptive thoughts.