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the field of science concerned with cognition

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a prominent cognitive scientist and Director of the Brain, Cognition and Action Laboratory at the University of Michigan, and Jane Brown, Ph.
Although the human ability to write evolved from our ability to speak, writing and talking are now such independent systems in the brain that someone who can't write a grammatically correct sentence may be able say it aloud flawlessly, discovered a team led by Johns Hopkins University cognitive scientist Brenda Rapp.
Cognitive Literary Studies: Current Themes and New Directions intends to demonstrate that "just as the study of mind is becoming an evocative new way to approach the problems of literary analysis, so too are literary studies becoming interesting and useful to scientists" (viii), which is clearly evidenced in the collaboration between literary scholars and cognitive scientists presented in this volume.
This has resulted in a curious alignment in the history of knowledge whereby literary critics and cognitive scientists seem to share the same terms of art.
It may also appeal to cognitive scientists who have an interest in how expectations are set up and delivered in music.
The book's audience includes musicians, musicologists, and music theorists, as well as psychologists and cognitive scientists.
ASK ANY RANDOM COLLEGE educated American adult to recall the processes of cell respiration so painstakingly memorized in freshman biology, or to rehearse the dates of the Progressive Era that had been absorbed as part of the standard American history survey course, and you're likely to receive a blank stare, proving something that cognitive scientists have been shouting from the rooftops: Coursework focused on memorization of a broad body of content knowledge will not produce the sort of learning that lasts.
Cognitive scientists from Indiana University, Bloomington, Stanford (Calif.
The rise of autonomous, computer-based agents as a technology has prompted cognitive scientists, computer scientists, psychologists, and others to develop models of trust and implement tentative models of trust in computer programs.
For many cognitive scientists, reincarnation makes no sense, since the mind is considered simply as a function of the brain, which itself decomposes along with the rest of the body at death.
People say that dancing is an instinctive thing that we can just do without any training but I've been working with these cognitive scientists who suggest it comes from a much deeper place.
Yet even if one disagrees with his overall tenet--massive modularity--this book offers a well-grounded account of the structure and relations of several cognitive systems, which should also intrigue cognitive scientists and trigger critical responses.
Tangherlini brings the findings of his extensive scholarship and fieldwork on legend and personal experience narration (Tangherlini 1990; 1994; 1998; 2003) to bear on some of the basic models of memory processes put forward by psychologists and cognitive scientists.
Cognitive scientists have shown experimentally that to understand even the simplest utterance, we must perform these and other incredibly complex forms of thought automatically and without noticeable effort below the level of consciousness.
opposes Descartes's mindbody dualism, he also opposes the materialist reduction of mind to neurophysiology that he finds in Antonio Damasio and many other cognitive scientists today.
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