cognitive psychology

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an approach to psychology that emphasizes internal mental processes

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According to the article, what are three differences between cognitive psychology and behaviorism from the standpoint of cognitive psychology?
Cattaneo and Vecchi review the cognitive psychology evidence and make a case for sensory compensation by pointing out the specific perceptual and cognitive skills for which the evidence suggests that people who are blind may excel and other skills in which they may tend to struggle.
However, the current study involves investigating these relationships in a cognitive psychology course.
Those data are also consistent with the general finding from cognitive psychology that emotional words yield enhanced memory (Kensinger & Corkin, 2003.
Zunshine explains how cognitive psychology and anthropology are establishing built-in kinds of cognitive ontologies: "that is, the ways of processing information about the world grounded in the particularities of our cognitive architecture" (68).
The firm's managing partner Dr Hughes has a background in cognitive psychology which he believes has helped build a stable, profitable company.
Baron's use of cognitive psychology is refreshing and much-needed, as the field is underutilized in bioethics despite producing robust conclusions for more than thirty years.
Cognitive psychology has looked at the neuropsychological processes involved in decision making and identified several theoretical approaches to this question.
Editorial in the first issue includes articles on neural modeling, cognitive psychology, theoretical integration, modeling cultural evolution, systems biology, human behavior and game theory.
Details of the research will be presented at two upcoming academic meetings, the 4th Meeting of the Japanese Society of Cognitive Psychology in August and the 24th International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) International Congress in October.
The clinical orientation of cognitive psychology focuses on highly internalized beliefs rather than on the Id, Ego, or Superego structures of psychoanalysis.
Willingham's misunderstanding may be the inevitable result of the wide gap that often separates clinical studies and frontline experience from research in a field like cognitive psychology.
The authors propose a return to this "curve-shifting" approach to prevention that encourages everyone to improve their health behavior; they substantiate these arguments with examples from public health and cognitive psychology research, historical and current events, and personal anecdotes.
Here, Muslim psychologists may draw from traditional Islamic faculty psychology and modern cognitive psychology of especially the Chomskyan school.
An influential doctrine in the philosophy of mind, congruent not only with neurobiology but with cognitive psychology and computer science, is computer functionalism.
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