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Future research might also test our suggestion that a cognitive process should dominate when vulnerabilities are high, while affective reactions should dominate if perceived vulnerabilities in an exchange relationship are low.
Evidence supports the view that students with SLD have cognitive process deficits when compared to their typically developing peers (Berninger, 2006; Semrud-Clikeman, 2005; Swanson & Jerman, 2006; Swanson, 2009).
The review and reaction phase, like the review process delineated in Flower and Hayes' (1981) Cognitive Process Theory, emphasized two sub-processes, evaluation and revision.
However, whether a leader is tasked to fix a water well, hold a town meeting, or pass out handbills while attempting to destroy a threat, adaptive leaders are still using a cognitive process to arrive at sound conclusions for mission execution.
Considerable evidence suggests that Canadian, American and Japanese companies may have ignored differences in cognitive process, attributable to national culture, and that these differences have affected interaction between the three groups of business people.
Beyond attribution theory: Cognitive process in performance appraisal.
Here, he deploys the Parity Principle: "If, as we confront some task, a part of the world functions as a process which, were it to go on in the head, we would have no hesitation in accepting as part of the cognitive process, then that part of the world is (for that time) part of the cognitive process.
Bandura went on to state that focusing only on cognitive process does not provide for successful behavioral change.
An Investigation on the Impact of Task Characteristics and Cognitive Style on Cognitive Process in a Decision-Making Environment.
Each student has an individual learning plan, and the district even does cognitive process testing and emotional intelligence testing to help make those plans as effective as possible, DeLorenzo says.
Beyond the features of the original DAS, the new edition translates cognitive development and cognitive process research findings into easily administered and interpreted subtests.
They desire recognition and rewards for the cognitive process involved in solving the problem.
Since a bird does not need language to engage in memory chunking, Terrace says it "is a more primitive and biologically pervasive cognitive process than has been recognized previously.
Washington, May 15 ( ANI ): The primary purpose of religious belief is to enhance the basic cognitive process of self-control, which in turn promotes any number of valuable social behaviours, say psychologist.
Elaboration is a cognitive process whereby information is extended or added to in order to make it more memorable.
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