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Visual reorganization works by our being able to retrieve images from memory, images that may not have been classified and categorized at the time of perception, but are being determined at the time of this later cognitive operation, the one of gap filling.
Models of narrative in film narratology and cognitive psychology are problematic since they rely on linguistic models of computation and complex, high-order cognitive operations.
The viewer's basic cognitive operations happen apart from, but along with, conscious narrative apprehensions.
Let us concentrate on the opening sequence, the Prelude, which carries out a set of quite specific cognitive operations in preparation for the film to follow.
The development of a coherent metasystematic perspective may provide the cognitive operations that are necessary to consciously manage an interrelated, evolving system, one that Gruber (1984) suggests is characteristic of mature, sustained creative efforts.
Type of Task: mental practice was more effective the more a task required cognitive operations (d = 0.
Means to this end include perceptual bias--the individual seeks sensory stimulation consistent with internal structures and ignores or discredits input that is inconsistent; affiliation with like-minded groups; and cognitive operations such as projection, in which other people are perceived to have properties of the self.
Specifically, these synthetic entities process cues and interpret situations in a manner consistent with decision-making processes, presenting a computer-based entity human-like at the level of its most basis cognitive operations.
Normally, cognitive operations function to allow the individual to develop basic knowledge of an accessible and usable form.
People who suffer from narrative disorders are not dysfunctional because they lost their narrative competence; they lost their narrative competence because they are unable to perform one of the cognitive operations that allow people to both handle life and tell stories about it.
It is argued that these logical operations correspond to simple cognitive operations we naturally employ when thinking about pictures.
A sampling of topics: the relations between cognitive and functional linguistics; lectal variation and empirical data in cognitive linguistics; variation, language, and culture in a cognitive linguistic typology; conceptual interaction, cognitive operations and projection spaces; a psychological theory of discourse segmentation; and the role of conceptual metonymy in meaning construction.
Statistics anxiety at the processing stage denotes the apprehension experienced when cognitive operations are performed on external stimuli--that is, when students typically are attempting to organize and store input.
Mottron's research team has strongly established and replicated the abilities and sometimes superiorities of autistics in multiple cognitive operations such as perception and reasoning, as have others.
This was very surprising because the prefrontal cortex, which has been recognized to be crucial for cognitive operations, was never thought to be of any relevance to the process of addiction," he says.
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