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something immaterial (as a circumstance or influence) that contributes to producing a result

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We also investigated the relative criticality of these cognitive factors in determining environmentally sustainable tourist intention at a destination, and examined whether there is a gender difference in the relationship between cognitive drivers and sustainable tourism intention.
Table 1 Descriptive statistics of the items, factor loadings and items analysis Items M SD F1 F 2 Cognitive factor ([alpha]= .726) 3.
More spetifically, the cognitive factor of the focus of attention on "general flow," "sentence structure," and "internal feeling" when reading and completing the test correlated with higher test scores.
Another important result of the study reflects that self-concept and test anxiety are strongly associated with each other which shows consistency with a finding reported by Hembree (1988) who asserted that low performance of students is associated with cognitive factor of test anxiety which may get increase through self-comparison with peers on performance, apprehension of failure, decreased self-confidence, and defeating self-esteem (Deffenbacher, 1980; Hembree, 1988; Morris, Davis, and Hutchings, 1981).
With the stepwise regression, academic efficacy was entered in the second step as it was believed to be the strongest cognitive factor. The second regression model containing both home-school dissonance and academic efficacy also emerged statistically significant in predicting academic cheating, F(2, 657) = 81.00, p < .01.
Specifically, the cognitive factor was expected to show little to no change during exercise accompanied by a reduction following both low- and high-intensity work.
There is a strong relationship between a skill's loading on the cognitive factor and the skill's correlation with wage (r=.76).
Hunton and McEwen (1997) examined experimentally various nonpublic experiential factors (e.g., age, years as financial analysts, years with firm) and cognitive factors (e.g., cognitive search strategy, time initially searching for information, time subsequently reviewing information) that might be used to classify financial analysts as relatively high or low expertise forecasters.
The variables for this study included five maternal involvement predictors derived from the CPPD and the MIQ-T, one child predictor, child gender, and one mother cognitive factor, PPVT-R.
Even so, since this is the only measure of this construct and it is more highly correlated with [G.sub.s] than any other broad cognitive factor, Variable 13 is likely to share salient loadings on [G.sub.s].
Nevertheless, information processing speed may be central to many cognitive domains[16] and a general cognitive factor is extractable from diverse psychometric tests[17].
The relationship between this cognitive factor, expectation/ anticipatory fatigue, with perception of fatigue, has been shown to be a useful key to be kept in mind in designing cognitive intervention, both for patients with somatic symptom disorders and more general emotional disorders.
In the elderly group, the first factor included items evaluating disturbance in language, thought process abnormalities, long-term memory, and visuospatial ability along with presence of delusions; it was named as the cognitive factor. The second factor was similar to factor 1 of whole group and adult patients, except that it did not load delusions and lability of affect, and additionally loaded presence of a physical disorder as a diagnostic item.
Results showed that a cognitive factor (worry) contributes more in test anxiety than affective factors (emotional).
Throughout the entire academic process of matriculating through each grade level from the third grade and exiting high school, the overwhelming indicator of success is a cognitive factor of 70% on a standardized criterion referenced test of knowledge and intellectual skill (TAAS).
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