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Davies endorses a view here that music can be said to elicit emotions only if we conceive of them as embodied but severed from cognitive content, by a mechanism not elaborated but somehow allied with the phenomenon of emotional contagion, and thus possibly reconcilable with evolutionary theories of the emotional substrates for auditory communication (see Pascal Belin, "Voice Processing in Human and Non-Human Primates," Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Series B, 361 [2006]: 2091-2107).
Washington, June 26 ( ANI ): Emotions are not just special cases of perception or thought but a separate kind of mental state which arises through the integration of feelings of bodily processes and cognitive contents, according to a new theory.
Thus, as one of the earliest and first attempts to introduce a radically different approach to cognitive content within this tradition, DBT may suffer an identity crisis.
2) contextualism about cognitive content and justification, and (3) the historical character of all knowledge.
The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship of individual differences in goal orientation to mid-activity cognitive content and affect, and post-performance attributions across three games of bowling.
The guidelines make it clear that one may not restrict one's changes to the intellectual: "We will address the emotional as well as the cognitive content of the course material.
Attempts to defend the emotions and incorporate them into a plausible account of morality are predicated on the identification of their cognitive content.
It begins well: shame and disgust, being emotions, have cognitive content and so can be evaluated as reasonable or unreasonable.
The cognitive content reinforces aseptic technique and proper medical waste disposal.
Those wed to therapeutic approaches and theoretical orientations that do not embrace a narrative approach with its emphasis on the strengths perspective (where the client's unique story is the basis for treatment) may have some trouble with the book's approach, but there is enough cognitive content to woo even the most conservative behaviorist into believing that this treatment approach has merit.
We should, then, not construe the pathe in a way which simply precludes their having cognitive content.
Nonetheless, there is a very good presentation of how subsequent thinkers recognized that "impressed intelligible species" have no role in Aquinas' doctrine, yet in the wake of the 1277 condemnations were suspicious of any isomorphism between phantasm and intelligible species or cognitive content as "a serious threat to the immateriality of the intellectual soul and its immanent act.
In her chapter on Epicurean emotions and feelings, Annas focuses on the cognitive content of emotions and the "therapeutic model of philosophy as curing us of bad emotions by removing false beliefs" (p.
Second, "[t]he information or knowledge or cognitive content (i.
A prima facie plausible way of meeting that requirement would be to claim that the equivalence and its instances hold a priori because their respective left and right sides are identical in cognitive content, and thus hold in more or less the same way as the equivalence between p and p.
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