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Put up for examination of complainant and his witnesses on oath for January 7." Meanwhile, Zee Business editor Samir Ahluwalia also filed a defamation complaint against Jindal on, but in a different court which will decide on taking cognisance of his plea on January 9.
Claiming "exclusive cognisance" meant only Parliament and not a jury could decide on its meaning.
In another recommendation, the report sought Says it takes no cognisance of it
He also took cognisance of the security operations led recently by these management units, which resulted notably in the arrest of several individuals having ties with terrorist groups in Tunisia.
Can I say these are only proposals and I''m sure the cabinet member and Redcar and Cleveland officers will take cognisance of all the objections including those from the leader and deputy leader who live in close proximity to the Ormesby roundabout.
Cohn said that policy makers do not seem to have taken the problems into cognisance, and do not seem to have a plan to revive the economy in the bloc's southern regions.
Under Common Law, each house has full cognisance as to who sits in it and how it conducts its business.
The text does not appear to he fully cognisance of all the new work on the Somme and occasionally the discussions slips into error: the Great War did not begin the 'inexorable decline' of the Empire: in the event the Empire reached its greatest extent in the 1920s because of the war, not in spite of it.
IN LIGHT of yet another horrific dog attack on a child - this time at the seaside in Essex - is it not high time that the law took cognisance? During a recent day out to Ayr beach, I had a run-in with a woman whose dog was acting aggressively toward my young son.
Cognisance is, however, taken of the municipalityA[cent sign]a'[not sign]a"[cent sign]s use of internal reserves to fund a large component of its capital expenditure in 2009, which significantly depleted cash holdings to historical lows.
"We believe we have already taken cognisance of the downturn in the housing market and have bent over backwards to work with them on this deal.
Ian Leyland, secretary for the Merseyside Police Federation, said: "We are hoping other chief officers take cognisance of what the coroner has said and that they follow Merseyside's lead in taking these bikes off the road."
Should a politician, however, taking cognisance of this fact when concerned about rising crime figures, advocate a return to common sense policies of pain, fear and humiliation, then he or she is likely to be 'howled-down', while media moguls it appears, for reasons best-known to politicians, and the so-called regulatory bodies remain free, it seems, to influence the weak and vulnerable, even deprave and corrupt.
So does the fact that the bishops were working with "the basic recommendations of the Theological Commission." So does the fact that the famous clause, "Pope Paul VI has taken cognisance of the document with satisfaction" is eminently understandable as a way of saying, "Thank you for writing", whether one agrees with what is written or not.
Though Corbusier's South American adventure produced the brise-soleil, which in one way or another has been re-interpreted over the decades, his Algiers experiments seem to take very little cognisance of the arid climate -- and his fascination with motorways has now been horridly realised in cities like Cairo, which is being strangled, Laocoon-like by a mess of ill-thought-out concrete traffic arteries.