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capable of being thought about


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38) The point presumably is that if the relevant thing, or set of entities, is distinctly cogitable, it may be thought about in a way that permits one to distinguish one entity from another.
The former seem to be the ones with which we ought to be concerned since order and harmony, as we have seen, are notions inextricably linked with what is cogitable (thinkable) and not, it seems, with what is sensible.
The upshot then is that Leibniz seems to have accepted DC as the appropriate characterization of a distinctly cogitable entity:
Insofar as the set may be conceived so as to yield a range of general properties, including dispositional properties,(63) it does, presumably, count as a cogitable, and, hence, harmonious set.
God, qua perfectly omniscient being, can see all the connections in all the possible worlds, for there is no nondistinctly cogitable world for him.