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Synonyms for cog

a subordinate who performs an important but routine function

tooth on the rim of gear wheel

roll steel ingots

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join pieces of wood with cogs

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The skewing technique, which is one of the most widely used techniques for reducing cogging torque, has been applied in a PMSG.
In this study, the implementation for the reduction of the cogging torque of PMSGs has been carried out by employing the pole shifting technique.
The cogging torque stems from the interaction between the rotor permanent magnets (PMs) and the stator teeth [6].
Installation of the continuous casting machine and its peripheral equipment is expected to eliminate the need for the molding, cutting and cogging processes.
Nowadays there are many actions how to reduce pulsations of the cogging torque [1]-[4]:
It should be noted that the cogging torque is depend on geometrical parameters of machine.
Fluctuation curve of cogging torque is shown as function of turning angle of the rotor in Fig.