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Synonyms for cogent

Synonyms for cogent

serving to convince

based on good judgment, reasoning, or evidence

Synonyms for cogent

powerfully persuasive

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Kalt cogently and eloquently expressed his views in support of the Offer by Victory Nickel and we are in total agreement with his analysis It is reassuring to have Independent Nickel shareholders publicly supporting our efforts and we thank Mr.
It cogently delineates how the battl se and insight from scientists who have devoted their lives to the issue, how it was resolved.
Elise Lufin's "Not Bartlett's: Thoughts on the Pleasures of Life: People, Love, Gardens, Dogs and More" is an impressive compiled and deftly edited compilation of fascinating, entertaining, informative, memorable, cogently expressed, thoughtful and thought-provoking citations drawn from the writings of hundreds of men and women, ancient and contemporary, who had something to say--and expressed it uncommonly well.
By cogently illuminating the problems of the south, a region generally ignored by our Sunni-centric academics and government officials, Visser has nevertheless done a great service.
Author Pfeffer, a longtime professor at Stanford Business School and author or co-author of a number of management books, cogently and succinctly dissects a lot of common thinking about management strategies and finds it wanting.
In Spider-Man 3, however, the Christian metaphors and symbols come brilliantly, explicitly, cogently, and strongly to life, to deliver a powerful, potent message of hope, faith, sacrifice, forgiveness, redemption, compassion, and love.
And the fact remains that, whatever this report says and no matter how cogently Lord Stevens explained the circumstances surrounding Diana's death, there will always be the conspiracy theorists who believed she was bumped off.
I would have composed one of the following headlines to more cogently reflect the thrust of the article: One, "Holy Spirit nudges the Vatican," or two, "Half the church gets a little recognition," or three, "A slight light breaks through in Rome.
When Morris arrives at Merce Cunningham and Alwin Nikolais, not only does she describe their work cogently, she also finds their objectivity to be a "dedication to art's purification.
But I have yet to hear modern theologians or church leaders argue this important case quite so cogently as Coulter's Godless.
Leveraging Human Capital cogently analyzes the effects of these forces on organizational behavior and business strategy and provides advice on how to capitalize on them.
American Methods cogently gives the reader evidence of how the U.
Using Niebuhr as a template, Beinart pinpoints what's so basically dangerous about Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the neocons (all of them, as he cogently puts it, the "intellectual heirs" of John Foster Dulles and his "rollback" doctrine).
Wilson argues cogently that the psychic impact of these experiences was a transforming force in creating the new national character for the "Island race".
Life is a form of computation"), he treats IT's impact and implications, and cogently argues that serendipity or chaos underlie computer-driven innovation.