cogent evidence

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any factual evidence that helps to establish the truth of something

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The Iraqi government has provided information with cogent evidence to the Syrian government to hand over wanted persons but unfortunately Syria procrastinated on this," Ali al-Mousawi told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
The ABB presented cogent evidence to the government that an increase in gross profits tax, or substantial rises in amusement machine licence duty, coupled with the effects of the recession, would have a significant impact on the viability of betting shops.
Once a tax assessor imposes an assessment, the County Tax Board and Tax Court are required to presume that the tax assessment is valid and the taxpayer is required to rebut the presumption by cogent evidence.
Munnich provides cogent evidence for identifying the "seams" where editorial material has been added (e.
Much the most cogent evidence was Mr Hussain's own admissions obtained in breach of the Judges' Rules.
They called for a halt of any further prosecution of the parents for the murder of their children where there was disagreement between experts on the cause of death and no additional cogent evidence.
The print and electronic media shall refrain from disseminating any information about a political party or a candidate which is not supported by cogent evidence about any election related activity.
THE HOOK Campbell A judge at the time there was cogent evidence that Campbell was on the Real IRA's Army Council.
Mr Hotten said: "Up to the end of 2010 we say there's cogent evidence that in the months leading up to the end of that year, he (Keanu) was the victim of repeated assaults at the hands of Luke Southerton and Rebecca Shuttleworth.
s prophetic and biblically-grounded argument contains cogent evidence and examples, and exhibits admirable knowledge of economic theory (which he explains lucidly).
The judge said he was satisfied there was cogent evidence a mobile phone being used by Campbell on the day of the bombing which "demonstrated Liam Campbell's involvement in directing the operation and participating in it".
Munnich provides cogent evidence to identify the "seams" where editorial material has been added (e.
This marks the beginning of a substantive review process of the cogent evidence in support of the application.
George's solicitor, Marilyn Etienne, said: 'The decision made by the three appeal judges today seeks to prove our worst fears, that regardless of any cogent evidence, any links between Mr George and Jill Dando, but against the background of a multi-million pound police investigation and a high profile case, they have justified a conviction that simply cannot be justified on the evidence.
The Board closed three inquiries against Mir Nadir Ali Magsi, Ex-Minister for Local Government of Sindh; Sardar Atif Ali Sanjrani, Ex-MNA Balochistan; Sohail Karim Hashmi, Ex-Secretary Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) Islamabad as no cogent evidence could be brought on record against them.