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Synonyms for cogent

Synonyms for cogent

serving to convince

based on good judgment, reasoning, or evidence

Synonyms for cogent

powerfully persuasive

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The notes will be be offered and sold only to qualified institutional buyers, and will be guaranteed by Cogent's domestic subsidiaries, subject to certain exceptions, and by Cogent Communications.
Cogent Road develops three core products for the mortgage origination market.
Cogent Communications' guarantee will be unsecured and Cogent Communications will not be subject to the covenants under the indenture governing the notes.
Equipped with these features, the latest Cogent Web Apps emerge as a powerful online e-Business and Back Office Enterprise Resource Planning application for various manufacturing, sales and distribution companies.
5m) in total, for all outstanding shares in Cogent.
The agreement is based on a two-year investigation into skills gaps and shortages, aimed at identifying what training inputs are needed to tackle the skills crisis facing cogent industries.
By adding the MBF310 Sweep Sensor with Cogent Systems software, the JumpDrive TouchGuard replaces awkward passwords with the convenience of a finger swipe, to control access to data stored on the JumpDrive TouchGuard.
Cogent is an inpatient management company started by physicians and health care leaders who believe the hospitalist model would improve the quality of health care that patients received in the hospital and lower the cost of that care.
SANTA CLARITA - Cogent Light Technologies and 3M have announced plans to work together to bring the new 3M HL High Luminance Light Fiber with Cogent Light's SolarTec CL light source to market.
Cogent Communications is a multinational, Tier 1 facilities-based ISP.
A worldwide leader in customer contact management and workforce optimisation, Aspect Software has announced that Cogent Limited has entered into a channel partner and reseller agreement in New Zealand.
The restructuring was accomplished through a merger under which all stockholders of became stockholders of the new holding company, Cogent Communications Holdings, Inc.