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persuasive relevance

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the quality of being valid and rigorous

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It is rather a methodological principle whereby we can evaluate the logical cogency of metaphysical claims; and for Ockham, paring down metaphysical claims to make more room for divine power and faith--and less room for metaphysical speculation and papal power claims--is one of his primary objectives.
The rejection of the appeal on a technicality is likely to question the cogency of the appeal, he added.
Antony and Cleopatra testifies to the strength and cogency of a longing to come to terms with one's own repression' (pp.
It's a dump of miscellaneous facts about carbonaceous chondrites, not well-honed arguments edited to promote concision or cogency," he said.
The resolution of the RAB dilemma is that one can be justified in resisting one's judgment of the cogency of an argument, yet when one does, an epistemic duty is violated, leaving a lingering tension--epistemic and first-personal.
Mr Gibson argued the claimants had knowledge of the requisite facts relevant to their action and that the passage of time had undermined the cogency of the evidence as over 90 per cent of the 114 contemporary senior civilian and military personnel who would have been essential witnesses for the MoD were dead or untraceable.
Silva said that Turkey's defense facilities as well as its influence on regions which had a vital strategic importance for the EU would be the assurance to increase the cogency of the Union's foreign policy.
Their lawyers say: "The passage of half a century has fatally and irrevocably eroded the cogency of the evidence, in particular because test participants' memories have inevitably faded.
The educational philosophy of Abraham Flexner; creating cogency in medical education.
He told the Court of Criminal Appeal in Edinburgh: "I would maintain that such was the cogency of the circumstantial case pointing inexorably towards the guilt of the accused, as it did, there can have been no miscarriage of justice in this case.
On the other hand, Bertelsmann and Sony were right to criticise the CFI for setting excessive requirements as to the cogency of their defence submissions and for erroneously considering that the Commission had the duty to carry out a further market investigation.
George Herbert's wonderful poetry achieved emotional power and cogency.
Contract killings abound, first as the Angels are hired as muscle for crime syndicates and then as they develop their own individual criminal cogency as complex, influential and labyrinthine as any mafia cell.
Although Friedman frequently was on the "wrong side" of his profession, in the sense that his beliefs went against then-standard opinions, the cogency of his reasoning, his rigorous reliance on empirical evidence, and such real-world phenomena as stagflation ensured that, as the Fortune Encyclopedia of Economics put it, "No other economist since Keynes has reshaped the way we think about and use economics as much as Milton Friedman.
Neuhaus's own overreaching--in his support for the war in Iraq, the cogency of Intelligent Design theory, and Congress's intervention in the Terri Schiavo case--has also weakened his position.