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Synonyms for cogent

Synonyms for cogent

serving to convince

based on good judgment, reasoning, or evidence

Synonyms for cogent

powerfully persuasive

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The competitive pressure in the Indian telecoms sector is so high that players such as Bharti will have to redefine themselves and look for overseas expansion," said Rishi Sahai, director at M&A advisory firm Cogence Advisors.
FX Cloud allowed us to go from our research models directly to simulated and then production trading without the need of an internal IT staff," said Jeff Hord, CEO, Cogence Capital.
A handful of scholars argue that the dichotomy, first articulated by Justice Brennan in Schmerber, has outgrown its cogence in the age of neuroscience.
Said Rishi Sahai, co- founder, Cogence Advisors, " This is certainly not good news for employees as the taxable amount of the salary will go up.
While Pathy figured out that ayurveda would heal her, 38- year- old Rishi Sahai, director and co- founder of Cogence Advisors, took charge of his health when the girth of his waist started expanding, thanks to his long office hours.