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Synonyms for cog

a subordinate who performs an important but routine function

tooth on the rim of gear wheel

roll steel ingots

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join pieces of wood with cogs

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References in classic literature ?
I am the master-shipman of this yellow cog, and my name is Goodwin Hawtayne.
In the last boat which left the shore the two commanders sat together in the sheets, a strange contrast to one another, while under the feet of the rowers was a litter of huge stones which Sir Nigel had ordered to be carried to the cog.
The yellow cog had now shot out from the narrow waters of the Solent, and was plunging and rolling on the long heave of the open channel.
Among other things, I had got into the cogs and springs of men's actions.
We are all caught up in the wheels and cogs of the industrial machine.
The big, toothed cogs on the rollers did not touch my fingers.
Figures, and wheels, and cogs, and levers, and screws, and cylinders, and a thousand things.
Happy Cog was nominated for the honor via online submissions from the international web design and developer community, and was selected Design Agency of the Year by a panel of esteemed industry experts from such entities as Yahoo, Adobe, AKQA, Opera, and Microsoft.
Once these genetic differences are identified, COG researchers will have information that can be adapted to improve diagnostic testing and zero in on methods to evaluate personalized therapeutics.
Out of the many superb website design firms that submitted proposals to Lexico, we feel that the team at Happy Cog Studios is the best for us," said Dan Oftelie, Business Development Manager of Lexico Publishing Group, LLC, "I have been a fan of Jeffrey Zeldman for years, so it is very exciting to be working with him and all of the incredibly talented individuals on the Happy Cog Studios' team.
Within a few years Cog could make eye contact and move its head to follow a moving object.
They could not have foreseen the extent to which the US military would embrace the COG concept and adhere to their interpretation literally.
Cog was then programmed to touch the sensors, but its response was so life-like (as each affected joint responded) that it looked as if the robot was exploring its body--almost exactly like a human baby.
10] When somatosensory and visual information are adequate, the vestibular system plays a minor role in the control of the COG position.
Grip COG has earned the Ease-of-Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation for its alleviation of writing fatigue and elimination of joint stress.