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Synonyms for cog

a subordinate who performs an important but routine function

tooth on the rim of gear wheel

roll steel ingots

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join pieces of wood with cogs

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As in physics, an individual body can have only one COG at a time.
To solve those communications and other emergency problems, the COG brought together federal, state, and local officials and the private sector to develop a regional emergency coordination plan (RECP).
Cog was then programmed to touch the sensors, but its response was so life-like (as each affected joint responded) that it looked as if the robot was exploring its body--almost exactly like a human baby.
Within a few years Cog could make eye contact and move its head to follow a moving object.
10] When somatosensory and visual information are adequate, the vestibular system plays a minor role in the control of the COG position.
This led Ryan to conclude the COG concept is "so abstract to be meaningless.
In regards to their business community, COG founded the Chicago Deltek Vision User group in 2004, which provides education, best practices, and newsworthy information to its membership.
Concerning the "good faith" of the COG proposals and the background of its members and sponsoring organizations, see the article on page 27.
The WJ IIITM COG includes tests of knowledge, reasoning, memory and retrieval, speed, auditory processing, and visual-spatial thinking.
Cog Desires To Find A Responsible And Responsive Contractor To Fulfill The Requirements Of This Rfp.
Some planners and many senior staff officers lack detailed knowledge of and confidence in the value and practical use of COG methodology.
Representatives of the union, the Treasury, Ministry of Health and CoG are involved.
Washington Cog Railway in Bretton Woods, Joel and Catherine Bedor, retired on April 30.
Joint Operation Planning Process, called the Joint Military Appreciation Process (JMAP), and as a part of this review it has updated its approach to COG analysis.
There's nary a military school that doesn't talk about COG.