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one of a group of founders

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Ariana Green, cofounder of Couple Six from Barbados won the Disruptive Creativity for Development Award, a $15,000 USD cash prize from the IDB.
River Satya - Technical Cofounder (former Google Engineer)
Anthony Aguirre, Santa Cruz, Professor of Physics, cofounder of FLI
The Microsoft cofounder has been in the country since Black Saturday, apparently escaping detection until he was sighted on Wednesday morning at Irri.
These are some of the most innovative and inspiring dealers in the country," said Richard Sprague, leader and cofounder of the first P-20 group.
And Ro's latest title--billed as the first biography of the multitalented rap star, cofounder of N.
Pharmacy CEO and cofounder Barry Perzow said the investment served as recognition that Pharmaca represents "a new, scalable retail concept--a wellness approach combining the scientific rigors of modern pharmacy with complementary and holistic remedies.
A dancer of the Jooss Ballet and cofounder of the National Ballet of Chile, Lola Botka died in November.
Rosalind Prober, a cofounder of Beyond Borders, and Toronto lawyer David Butt, feel that Canada is not doing enough to protect children from sexual abuse.
He is also a principal of Canopy Development and a cofounder and principal of UrbAnalysis LLC, a real estate research firm.
The police aren't happy about it, said Mervyn Marcano, 20, cofounder of the Rashawn Brazell Memorial Fund.
Finally, we neglected to explicitly acknowledge that Bear was not only the cofounder but the sole editor of the magazine throughout its lifespan.
The cofounder of Los Angeles accounting firm RBZ LLP says the money will help pay for top-quality professors and fund scholarships for accounting students.
Physicist Amory Lovins is cofounder and CEO of Rocky Mountain Institute and the chairman of Fiberforge.
In the mid-1950s, he was cofounder of Taiwan's first polyvinyl chloride business, and he founded China General Plastics Group a decade later.