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one of a group of founders

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Members of MCCI's Board of Directors, as well as Cofounders Azhar Mahmood and Alimatar N.
Enter Sagely and its two women cofounders aiming to expand and lead the conversation on CBD in order to help people get back to what they love, sans pain and anxiety.
Cofounder and Megawide chair and chief executive officer Edgar Saavedra said in a text message Cosiquien had given up even his directorship at the company 'because he's busy with his cold storage business.'
Brotman and cofounder and former chief executive officer Jim Sinegal helped mold Costco into one of the largest and most successful retailers in the world.
Anthony Aguirre, Santa Cruz, Professor of Physics, cofounder of FLI
Bryant and the company's cofounder and master brewer, Mark Irvin are currently preparing to expand distribution to Colorado and the East Coast.
'These are some of the most innovative and inspiring dealers in the country," said Richard Sprague, leader and cofounder of the first P-20 group.
Speakers include Tan Le, cofounder of Emotiv, Christopher Hatala, cofounder of Massive Black Inc and Nancy Duarte Founder of Duarte Design and best selling author of Slide:logy.
He will work alongside Asher Bennett, Evida's chief executive and cofounder, Evida cofounder and vice-president of business development Jonathan Shine said it was a "no brainer" to set up the UK head office in the West Midlands.
Starting in Chicago as a cofounder of the nation's first settlement house, Hull House--a community center where people of all classes and ethnicities could gather--Addams became a grassroots organizer and a partner of trade unionists, women, immigrants, and African Americans seeking social justice.
Velte (author and cofounder, Velte Publishing), and Toby J.
"We want to share His love and to be Christ's hands extended to people in need," Rick Arrington, the group's cofounder, said in an article posted on
"Unlike their enormous mainstream contemporaries," said alliance cofounder and Triodos Bank CEO Peter Blom at the launch, "these banks are profitable, growing, and crisis resistant.
Cofounder Daniel Callahan takes up population control, noting that the concern has shifted from overpopulation to underpopulation, but that the central issue remains--respect for procreative freedom and recognition of its profound social effects.