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one of a group of founders

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clinical professor of dermatology, Tulane University School of Medicine, and a CBC cofounder.
These are some of the most innovative and inspiring dealers in the country," said Richard Sprague, leader and cofounder of the first P-20 group.
Sebastien de Halleux, Cofounder of Playfish - Dries Buytaert, Cofounder of Drupal Association - Bart Decrem, CEO of Tapulous - Philippe Spruch, Cofounder and CEO of LaCie
He is also a principal of Canopy Development and a cofounder and principal of UrbAnalysis LLC, a real estate research firm.
The police aren't happy about it, said Mervyn Marcano, 20, cofounder of the Rashawn Brazell Memorial Fund.
Finally, we neglected to explicitly acknowledge that Bear was not only the cofounder but the sole editor of the magazine throughout its lifespan.
Physicist Amory Lovins is cofounder and CEO of Rocky Mountain Institute and the chairman of Fiberforge.
In the mid-1950s, he was cofounder of Taiwan's first polyvinyl chloride business, and he founded China General Plastics Group a decade later.
Hailing from the Ivory Coast, the all-female group performs its newest work, a duet titled Geeme, choreographed by cofounder Beatrice Kombe.
If you want justice on the job, you need a union to fight for it," said Adam Neiman, cofounder and chief executive of No Sweat Apparel, in a press release.
Written by the prisdent and cofounder of FamilyLife, a division of Campus Crusade for Christ, and his wife, Moments Together for Living What You Believe is a treasure for inspiration to faithful couples at home or on the go.
He wants Hirshberg, cofounder of the feisty little yogurt company in Londonderry, N.
Not a 'zine, but a book that's a collection of interviews and essays written by Todd Taylor (AKA Retodd), the editor and cofounder of Razorcake 'zine (and a former writer at Flipside and contributor to Thresher).
The former cofounder and chief architect at Music Buddha Inc.
Katherine Scott Brown Pickle cofounder of Kamp Paddle Trails near Watts, Oklahoma, and lifetime member of the American Camping Association, died February 8, 2003, in her home in Watts.