coffin nail

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His BuzzMachine blog features columns such as "Newspapers are f***ed" and "Hitting the coffin nail on the head for newspapers.
Sheridan said: "I think there's a need for a series to put a coffin nail on the way you think about what the North became.
Obesity has morphed from an appearance problem into a coffin nail.
The notion of a verifiable objective truth received what many intellectuals considered its final coffin nail in the form of Richard Rorty's classic 1979 work, Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature.
Tate presents chapters that look at the "birth of the coffin nail," the reform movement itself with special emphasis on Lucy Page Gaston and her national and international Anti-Cigarette Leagues, the central role played by the cigarette as the American soldiers' special friend during World War I, the symbiotic relationship between smoking and women seeking greater personal freedom during the postwar flapper era, and, ultimately, the seeming triumph of the cigarette over its reform-minded critics as the 1920s gave way to national depression and the New Deal.
Made at a time when director Guy Ritchie could do no wrong, it's stylish, brilliantly written, and tough as a coffin nail.
Made at a time when Guy Ritchie was still a freshfaced young film-maker, it''s stylish, brilliantly written, and tough as a coffin nail.
Either way it's unlikely to stop Richards who would claim his coffin nail was part of props for the show.