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large watertight chamber used for construction under water

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Temporary watertight structures called cofferdams are being built to allow foundations to be laid for the three pylons that will support the main bridge.
The company dewatered seawater trapped within the cofferdam in only 45 days, in preparation for the construction.
Versatile and portable, Portadam is a temporary cofferdam, water diversion or fluid retention system for use in open water up to 12 feet deep.
The cofferdam is a 86-ton, steel container that was lowered over a leaking drill pipe at the Macondo well site in May 2010 in an attempt to capture the oil and funnel it to the surface.
The most substantial excavations ever undertaken in a Viking Age harbour took place here in 1979-80, using cofferdam technology, and have now received definitive publication.
Last week Roberts reported that "Pluto is in flux, not because the scientists disagree, but because Wildish is doing a cofferdam job at the sewer beds (River Avenue) and they've dug up the plinth (base) and readerboard.
A 2,132 foot cofferdam will be constructed on the waterline to protect the pipeline.
About 1 billion ringgit has been spent on resettling residents, developing a road leading to the project site, building diversion tunnels and a cofferdam.
Cardiff, by depositing its unwanted refuse in a constructed bund or cofferdam at sea on the mudflat area, could then have a solution to both problems, land increase and save money at an expected pounds 4m per year.
A cofferdam will be built to hold the water back and silt curtains will help prevent material from moving from one side of the lake to the other.
The importance of a careful consequence analysis is illustrated in two similar-looking cofferdam designs presented in Figure 5.
At 8 o'clock, a large cofferdam, not far from Cornwall, would be blown apart, releasing a torrent of water across the countryside.
2 high and 3,500 tonne underpass were constructed within the cofferdam.
Once under-slab ductwork was in place, the cofferdam was removed.
The station is contained within a cofferdam 400m long, 30m wide and 25m deep.