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tall pot in which coffee is brewed

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A barrel of a woman with plethoric ankles and a Red Cross band on her arm is coming at me with a coffeepot.
For example, when sitting at the counter, I have felt the spray as the waitress rinsed out a coffeepot in front of me.
SIR - I STARTED the day early having set my alarm clock (made in Japan) for 6am, while the coffeepot (made in China) was perking.
I think I forgot to turn off the coffeepot or iron this morning.
At the back of my car, a gnomish woman sold dubious sandwiches, and a wizened man worked the aisles with a coffeepot of mud dispensed in bathroom-sized paper cups.
Each room also features a coffeepot and blow dryer.
Dokica, out in the court, had tied a coffeepot to the cat's tail and was watching it run.
One of the greatest of these men was Chardin (Paris: 1699-1779), another artist who could give dignity to a child with a quill, or a cook peeling apples, and no artist but Chardin ever bestowed gravitas upon a simple porcelain coffeepot, but he did and he is in Bonna's collection.
I make myself a cup of herbal tea, move right past the coffeepot that used to begin my morning routine.
3 -- color) Viola Lapin insisted that every table have its own coffeepot.
Use containers from around the house: an old coffeepot, a crystal bowl, a pitcher, a jam jar, even a high-top sneaker.
At about the same time, physicist Benjamin Thompson (later Count Rumford) had made many forays into the kitchen, inventing a double boiler and percolating coffeepot.
Named after the intriguing shapes they resemble, landmark formations such as Cathedral, Coffeepot, Courthouse and Bell, stand tall on a stunning red rock landscape.
The room contained a bed, a table, two chairs, bookshelves, a sink and a hot plate where a coffeepot simmered.