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an urn in which coffee is made and kept hot

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The newsroom is loaded with malcontent has-beens who recall glory days that, in reality, were never all that glorious, and fill their time carping endlessly over the coffee urn about the evils of Gannett," writes one former Louisville Courier-Journal staffer.
I heard that someone even hugged the coffee urn - it was warm and made comforting sounds, so he hugged it.
SIR Emyr Parry Jones has a surprise weapon in his battle to spark a political debate about the futureofWales - a coffee urn.
Also new is the BrewStation 60-Cup Urn, a patented redesign on the traditional coffee urn.
Then outside the hall and inside the hall, the clusters begin Five or six people immediately take off for the kitchen to check the status of the cranky coffee urn, lay out the bagels, the coffee cake, the orange juice and the basket for donations.
Grade 12 students Mike and Bob look after the coffee urn, stack and unstack chairs and tables, or do whatever needs to be done during the evening.
Sorry, no substitutions,' she interrupted,turning to restyle her hair by the reflection in the coffee urn.
In August, the company unveiled the Titan Burr Grinder and the Renaissance Coffee Urn which not only added to its product roster, but also took the company in new directions regarding coffeemaking.
Remember to keep an extra surge protector extension cord on hand to plug in your coffee urn, smoothie maker and blender.
CLEVELAND -- Saeco has added the Titan Burr Grinder and the Renaissance Coffee Urn to its roster of coffee products.
Specialty electrics include Uno(TM) Series of Waffle & Panini makers, Warming Tray, and Toasters, InterBake(TM) Inter-Changeable Bakers, Classic Electric Skillets, Disney(R) licensed electrics, Grand-Wrap(TM) Flatbread Makers, Prima(TM) Pizzelle Bakers, Power Cookie Press, and Classic Coffee Urn.
When a coffee urn is used, we use what is called an urn grind, which is the coarsest grind and is most often used in brewing the outturn of coffee.
It also provides the individual service of the coffee urn, but in a more modern and stylish package.
We'll show dinner plates stacked, cups and saucers around a coffee urn and flatware caddies," Heslop noted.
You could put me in the most benign scene, like a tea shop in a sleepy village, and I'd be on the lookout for exploding coffee urns and slip-hazard scone crumbs.