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low table where magazines can be placed and coffee or cocktails are served

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Coffee tables have a unique place in the heart of a living room and there are endless table trends that can be snapped up.
If you want a practical yet eyecatching piece of furniture to accentuate your space, the Caspian solace reclaimed wood coffee table is the ideal choice.
If you want a practical yet eye-catching piece of furniture to accentuate your space, the Caspian Solace Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table is the ideal choice.
The Alex Coffee Table packs everything your living room has been missing into one intriguing design.
LIVING SPACE THE centre piece of any living space should be a sturdy coffee table placed on an equally stylish rug.
Triplo round gloss swivel coffee table white, Dwell,, PS299
Designers predict elements of concrete to surface in a range of applications, from coffee tables to tastefully stamped patio floors, she adds, noting how "homeowners will gravitate toward the material's sleek, contemporary vibe and all-weather functionality."
Though it is, to be fair, one hell of a beautiful coffee table, comprising, as it does, an entire tree root.
Some of these include: robopets that offer companionship and double up as fire, gas and flood alarms and as intruder detectors; coffee tables that dispense medicines and give computerised reminders and talking walking frames that remind people where they are going.
The Moreton coffee table at M& S (, 0845 302 1234) is available as a four-piece set, although you can also get the coffee table on its own for pounds 249.
Three-drawer column chest, pounds 199.00, 4-drawer column chest, pounds 249.00, 5-drawer column chest, pounds 279.00; Laura Ashley Milton adjustable coffee table, from Laura Ashley, pounds 700
ALMOST 12 kilos of cannabis stashed in coffee tables were yesterday confiscated by the Drugs Squad at Larnaca Airport.
Finally, various couches, coffee tables, and cozy chairs are scattered throughout the floor, so students can read, use a laptop (the building is wireless), or even nap between classes.
The snapshot images speak for themselves in this captivating compilation highly recommended for bibliophile's coffee tables and photography shelves.
There are those beautiful garden books that adorn the most stylish of coffee tables; there are those straightforward ones that may not be as sexy but give you good, down to earth advice; and then there are those that combine the two.