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a stand (usually movable) selling hot coffee and food (especially at night)

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Loi, while doing his mandatory National Service requirement, would intersperse coffee stall chores with military duties.
There's a lot more fake snow, an ice rink that looked lethal, a coffee stall, a reasonably priced restaurant and the ubiquitous shop selling Christmas wares.
Jill Lowes: Used to go with my nanna, I used to hate the open cafe, but I loved the smell of the coffee stall.
The couple's only experience of catering was running a cake and coffee stall outside the university library but they are enthusiastic, innovative and new media savvy.
It was a terrifying, very loud explosion," said Mehmet Toz, a coffee stall owner who was in the square at the time of the blast.
The owner of a coffee stall parked in the shadows of Northern Rock's offices, who also asked to remain anonymous, said: "It affects everyone - I've got friends who have businesses on the High Street and they have also been hit.
Martha Drummond, 51, will lose her pitch at Ayr station after First Scotrail bosses branded the coffee stall a health hazard.
They have probably been fighting since they were toddlers," said Robinson of brothers running a coffee stall business.
He was taken by the Tartars and seems to have spent the Siege of Vienna running a coffee stall for the Turks; this was followed by a short spell of captivity in Bosnia which introduced him to the mountainous western Balkans.
For instance, when Ya Kun opened an outlet in a mall's food court, the other existing coffee stall immediately lowered its prices in order to compete.
Susan and Ange are also mindful of the environment and to cut down on litter the coffee stall will offer a 25% discount if people bring their own mugs.
Holzherr showed his business acumen by setting up a successful coffee stall on the Aston University campus.
And here is a group of majorettes livening up the proceedings, parading in the Haymarket, in the city centre, in front of the Rag Week coffee stall.
For any group so bedevilled, this means it is always scratching around for people to man the bar or the coffee stall, to do front-of-house or help behind the scenes.
Lichfield Market also has a fresh coffee stall where beans are ground on the spot and a cheese and game pie stall selling genuine Melton Mowbray pies and dairy produce.