coffee rose

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tropical shrub having glossy foliage and fragrant nocturnal flowers with crimped or wavy corollas

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Coffee rose to prominence in North America not out of any cultural reaction to tea consumption, but because coffee was cheap and readily available.
Processed foods, tea and coffee rose by 49 per cent while spending on alcohol rose by 88 per cent.
The results: The cholesterol levels of the men who drank four cups a day of regular coffee rose.
But, in an unexpected deviation from the trend, supermarket sales of ground and whole bean coffee rose a modest 2.
With the latest wave, the number of modern coffee shops owned by chains such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee rose to 160 in 2012 from 118 in 2008 in Dubai alone, according to data from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
San Mig Coffee rose to 7-2 and earned a momentary tie for the lead with Talk 'N Text, the defending champion which was playing sister squad Meralco at press time.
3 percent, while the group of tea and coffee rose by 0.
The country's production of Arabica coffee rose to 61,351 tons in 2006 from 51,084 tons in 2004 although the plantation declined.
And ethical brand Percol has teamed up with The Body Shop to run joint promotions on fairly traded products, after a year in which Percol's share of ground coffee rose 8.
Chinese tea gained popularity in European markets in the same time period as coffee rose to dominance.
San Mig Coffee rose to 7-2 to stay in second while dealing the Energy a third straight loss in a 3-7 card, even as Meralco dropped to 5-4.
The average price for a bag of AA coffee rose to $506.
According to market reports, price differentials for Colombian coffee rose in Europe's cash coffee market this week on renewed signs of tighter supplies from the country.
While the sales of decaffeinated and not-decaffeinated coffee rose by 4.