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a mug intended for serving coffee

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"Prep Girl On The Train (Also meet my 7 yr old coffee mug that I cannot live without!
As the fight escalated, Hou began to choke Chang with a belt, before grabbing a Tim Horton's coffee mug and bashing it into the older man's skull.
We've gotten so caught up in using technology to look light-years ahead that perhaps we've failed to look right under our nose when it comes to innovation--but there's a new start-up led by a husband and wife engineering team that's aiming to change that, and they've begun with the coffee mug.
Despite his success, Mr Lechuti cited high rentals, lack of transportation and machinery as his main challenges, emphasising that the main concern was lack of A3 printing machine, photo copying machine and t-shirt and coffee mug printing machine.
He was able to get up and was going out of the room when Bone threw a ceramic coffee mug at Mr Taylor, striking him on the back of the head.
For at-home use, there's a line of 16-ounce glasses as well as a large ceramic coffee mug, and they all feature Deadpool artwork.
The Deadpool inspired line also includes a collection of 16-ounce glasses, a large ceramic coffee mug with edgy Deadpool artwork and a fully sculpted and hand painted mug.
(To make: Pour the food's solid bits into a coffee mug, then brew the designated flavor pod over top of the mug; the hot water reconstitutes the meal.) Keurig is now encroaching into the SodaStream market with a new countertop machine that makes fizzy cold drinks such as sodas, teas, flavored waters and seltzers.
For every ceramic Christmas Costa Coffee mug sold, e1/41 will be donated to thePancyprian Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF).
Learn which side of the sink is the wrong side to put your used coffee mug 2.
The best part of waking up is Jesus on your cup--if you have the Rise with Jesus[R] Coffee Mug from OMR products, that is.
I'll take a Baracula over a White House coffee mug any day.
You'll also get a FREE coffee mug which you can use time and time again.
GREAT SAVINGS FREE FREE 'BURGER KING COFFEE AND COFFEE MUG To celebrate the new, great tasting Douwe Egberts bean to cup coffee at Burger King Ltd, we're inviting readers to try 'it for FREE along with an exclusive gift of a FREE Burger King it for FREE along with an exclusive gift of a FREE Burger King coffee mug in a range of colours.
To celebrate the new, great-tasting Douwe Egberts bean-to-cup coffee at Burger King' Ltd, we're giving you the chance to try it for free and get an exclusive free coffee mug in a range of colours.