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a cup from which coffee is drunk

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The Arabic coffee cup collection is available at Emirates Official Stores across the UAE as well as online at emirates.
Environment Secretary Michael Gove carrying a disposable coffee cup in October and a re-usable coffee cup last week
He said: "The UK has woken up and smelled the coffee cup nightmare.
It's good to hear one British company, Frugalpac, has developed a coffee cup where the plastic lining separates easily in conventional recycling.
A UK-based producer of bioplastics says its "world first" range of plant-based materials could hold the key to tackling the high-profile issue of coffee cup waste.
Last month, Costa announced it was expanding its coffee cup recycling trial scheme, collecting used coffee cups in its 2,000 stores, which are collected by waste management company Veolia to be recycled in a specialist plant.
Viridor worked with event organisers and, as a result, RWM is aiming to become the first UK exhibition to partner with Simply Cups, the UKs only disposable coffee cup recycler, which will ensure that all cups used during the exhibition at the NEC on 13-15 September are recycled.
For the packaging, Forto wanted to come as close as possible in feel and appearance to the type of coffee cup received at popular coffee shops--only in an extremely tiny version," says Andrew Sanguinet, director of industrial design at Berlin Packaging's Studio One Eleven.
Tuesday when she noticed the bird pecking at the lid of her coffee cup.
For the month of October, Dream Jamaica has issued a Coffee Cup Challenge to existing and potential donors.
Introduce your friends to Jesus over a cup of coffee with a built-in visual aid: your coffee cup.
Summary: Tokyo: A Japanese housewife battered her septuagenarian husband to death with a coffee cup after .
More recent funding ideas include offering coffee cup cut-outs in exchange for a donation, or having a dress down day in an office or school.
11 ( ANI ): A sailor from Colombia has claimed that Virgin Mary appeared at the bottom of his coffee cup after he finished off his early-morning drink in Cartagena's The Divine Child workshop last Tuesday.