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a can for storing ground coffee

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Make coffee in the empty coffee can. Fill it two-thirds full of water, add a handful (literally) of ground coffee and bring it to a boil.
Bottles of powders were strewn across the top, sandwich bags of empty cases were waiting to be re-stuffed and coffee cans full of cast bullets of all styles were strewn everywhere at my feet.
The man - who police did not identify - told officers he bought several coffee cans filled with nuts and bolts at a garage sale several years ago.
You add ice between the coffee cans to cool the cream mixture.
Students cover the entire coffee can and features with papier-mache
4 coffee cans with plastic lids * thermometers * paint in white, black, green, and yellow * materials for "spacesuit layers": foil, construction paper, variety of cloth * timer * freezer or tub of ice water * flood lamp * pencil * paper
Inspired by a friend's pumpkin bread baked in a coffee can, "The Coffee Can Baking Book: 50 Cakes and Breads Baked in Coffee Cans" extrapolates on techniques that began in the early 1900s, when people used their ingenuity to use what was at hand to help their families survive.
"Who doesn't have an old coffee can lying around their house?
* 2-2 liter plastic soda bottles * 1-2 to 3 pound coffee can with plastic lid (Label can be removed or can be painted if desired.) * 1-plastic pet dish * 1-2-foot length of plastic tubing (5/16" inside diameter) * 1-1" long 6-32 machine screw * 1-6-32 machine screw nut * 1-small washer * 6-inch length of picture-hanger wire * duct tape * contact cement * epoxy cement * funnel (optional--makes filling soda bottle easier) * empty milk jug (optional--used to store water to fill auto water boy) * sand and small stones (optional-weighs down the coffee can) Preparing the Parts
From the people who brought you the Bucket Boss for storing big stuff in 5-gallon buckets comes the Coffee Can Organizer for stashing small doodads in (you guessed it) coffee cans.
Place the second coffee can, the one with both ends removed, on top of the screen.
Since the coffee can I use to ladle boiling sap gets a bit too hot to handle barehanded, I made up a little handle for it: It's a piece of green birch--a small branch coming out from a main stem.
coffee can weighs 4.092 oz., a flexible packaging material holding the same amount of coffee weighs .452 oz.
Unless your costumer is wearing asbestos-lined gloves and possesses embalmed lips, drinking out of a scalding can of coffee can result in a blistering experience.
In view of these needs, and under product design "canned," "home use," and "mass sales market," Kirin has tried to pass onto consumers the concept of coffee excellence originally nurtured in France, create a new coffee market through traditional technology of "Cafe Suavor," and develop a packaging system by which fresh coffee can be delivered to consumers.