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being of equal extent or scope or duration

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What is particularly relevant in APo II 16-17 is that, among other intensional features (which I shall discuss later), the 'universal' attribute--in this technical sense--is coextensive with the subject it belongs to (see APo I 4, 73b32-39; II 17, 99a33-35).
Time leakage is a consequence of the horizontal stretching of screen space, caused by apperception of a coextensive lifeworld beyond the frame edge.
In this study, the correlated stimuli were coextensive to the complete duration of each subcycle, independently of the occurrence of a response.
For this purpose a regular plan should be adopted, coextensive with the Union, to be successfully executed, and a fund should be appropriated sufficient ...
Private company D&O policies may provide coverage to the insured entity that is nearly coextensive with the coverage provided to directors and officers.
Routinely exposing a "psychopathology of masculine other-sex desire" that rendered sex acts unequal and alienating to women, Cleland, by Gladfelder's smart readings, imagined erotic life as coextensive "with sexual 'deviance' and excess, and with unstable, fluid, or dissident gender identities" (197,4).
believes the presence of the Spirit is coextensive with human birth, not something adventitious and reserved only for the few, or for special charismatic types.
Lourie applied a flexible, fact-based test that, in his words, "turns primarily on the practical likelihood of a claim preempting a fundamental concept." In order for a claim to cover patent-eligible subject matter, he stated, the claim must "not be coextensive with a natural law, natural phenomenon, or abstract idea." The claim "must include one or more substantive limitations that ...
In her critique of Alcoff, however, Lennon--crucially acknowledging the body of the pregnant man--reminds us that the ways in which we relate to biological reproduction are "not coextensive with our divisions into male and female" (original emphasis, p.
Like many French leaders, de Gaulle was deeply suspicious of the "Anglo-Saxons." France, in his grandiose view, was the natural guardian of European values, which, according to him, were coextensive with French values.
Nothing in ILSA suggests that the description of the lot be coextensive with what is required for conveyance in the relevant jurisdiction.
Courts also have found that the Trade Secrets Act, which makes it a criminal offense for federal employees to publish or divulge trade secrets and other confidential information, is at least coextensive with Exemption 4.