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equality of extension or duration

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In Section 4, we introduce the definition of the cleft coextension and discuss the equivalence between the Hom-crossed coproducts and cleft coextensions (see Theorem 10).
So often, Keats is writing from the position of dying, yet, significantly, Keats's reflections on the coextension of life and death are--most extraordinarily--not in the service of death but of life.
El primero el de la eventual o posible solidaridad o coextension entre contextos; el segundo, el de la existencia o ausencia de una mayor o menor homogeneidad de aquellos a quienes llamamos hoy latinos en terminos de uno cualquiera de los contextos que se ha venido proponiendo; el tercero el de la naturaleza efectivamente excluyente de esas homogenidades eventuales.
Kaprow, characteristically, did not put as much pressure on the connective interrogation and binding of experience and events as, say, Heidegger, whose insistence on the innate and self-defining qualities of objects and beings exceeds Kaprow's immersive coextension in and with the world to visit on them something like a state of philosophical grace.
The bodies and subjectivities implied by "we" and "all" are inflicted by various socioculturally articulated forces, inflicted indeed in "our" very taking up of body and subject (and in the assumption of their coextension), such that all socioculturally signified ability is oppressively regulated from its articulation.
(36.) On the necessity of division: 'Plato must separate himself from Parmenides and identify thought otherwise than by its pure coextension to being.
It is this relation between set and subset--and the coextension of the former with the bounds of the human--that I'd like to map onto our own discipline.
To wit, the materialist type-identity theory requires that all properties be identical to physical properties, which in turn requires necessary coextension, a lawful one-to-one correlation.
Applications include coextension, striping, melt-pipe replacement, quick extruder connection, and general product transfer and viscosity control.
It is unclear whether Uniacke would reject the "coextension" of rights in some circumstances such as cases of mistaken lawful arrest but argue in favor of such coextension where third-parties assist or intervene on behalf of persons possessing valid claims of putative self-defense.