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existing at the same time

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2,5] Few reports include patients with duplex systems and urinary stones with coexisting ureterocele and/or collecting system obstruction.
The prevalence of many coexisting autoimmune diseases was similar in patients with Graves' disease and those with Hashimoto's thyroiditis.
Evaluation of the child with ADHD should include assessment of possible coexisting conditions.
Compared with CVD-related admissions in patients without diabetes, coexisting diabetes increased the risk of CVD-related hospitalization (relative risk [RR] 1.
A patient's constitutional factors also play a major role; these include such things as coexisting disorders, temperament, intelligence, and social skills.
Ambiguity, whether it is manifested in religious beliefs, languages, or even political ideas coexisting in the same family, is seen as a way of life and strength, not as weakness.
Another coexisting directory could be an organization's Human Resources application.
Moreover, because relatively few particles make the transition at any given time, it's difficult to detect their movements amid those of all the other particles present in the coexisting liquid and solid states.
The NCR 5450 allows businesses to incrementally grow their data warehouse by integrating, or coexisting, new NCR servers into their older system configuration, thereby maximizing their investments.
Only 32% of charts had notations of coexisting conditions, Dr.
Coexisting illness or conditions were associated with longer viral excretion in stools.
A series of spare, life-size portraits bore witness to the different cultural and ethnic presences coexisting within a single urban society.
And by coexisting in this ecosystem, Yavitt says, these two microbe types more than double the bog's greenhouse-gas output over expected levels.
This study is evaluating Medicure's lead combination product, MC-4232, in patients with coexisting type II diabetes and hypertension.
A total of 12,038 women had an index diagnosis of osteoporosis, and 43% of them had a coexisting claim for cardiovascular disease within 1 year before or after the diagnosis.