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Synonyms for coexistent

belonging to the same period of time as another

Synonyms for coexistent

existing at the same time

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Coexistent mitral valve disease with left-to-right shunt at the atrial level: clinical profile, hemodynamics, and surgical considerations in 67 consecutive patients.
To the best of our knowledge, the present case is possibly the sixth case of gastric carcinoma (and first such case with coexistent aplastic anemia) to be reported in patients with such bone marrow failure syndrome.
Coexistent iron deficiency was seen in 51% of beta thalassemia patients.
beaucoup moins que] Plusieurs familles coexistent et se stimulent mutuellement [beaucoup plus grand que].
Clinical symptoms were evaluated regarding their association with the coexistent PE status.
2) One case series of 23 cases showed one-third have coexistent adenocarcinomas.
In our view careful screening of cytological smears should be done for detection of coexistent microfilarial infestation with benign or malignant conditions so as to reduce parasitic burden and to provide accurate treatment.
If we start to notice things apart from a hierarchical whole-part logic in which humans are the ultimate meaning makers and organizers of things, a magical coexistent world opens up.
10 reported a case of NF where an unusual hypopigmentation with symmetrical nerve enlargement raised the strong clinical suspicion of coexistent lepromatous leprosy.
The study was carried out in Main complaints, pregnant females, patients with history of motion sickness, patients with coexistent cardiovascular and chronic diseases.
The authors attempt to extend this to typical coexistent uses in corridors, such as aerial and subsurface occupancies for utility and communication purposes.
Des poles de modernites coexistent avec des zones exclues de la production et de la distribution des richesses ou avec la marginalisation des cultures de la marge geographique et sociale.
As the coexistent anti-Friedan figure Andelin illuminated the sixtiesAE responses to politics, war, same-sex marriage, and intellectualism that linger in the present century.
One condition is multigenic familial combined hyperlipidemia, in which there is also a consistently high plasma concentration of apolipoprotein B-100 and a family history of premature CAD, with coexistent insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes and variably an increase in triglyceride (9).
Though sometimes overlapping, mingling, or interfering with each other, they are never all coexistent.