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coexist peacefully, as of nations

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exist together

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This T-shirt inscription says it best: Infidel: I refuse to coexist with people who want to behead me.
Alchemy and Savitar coexist, Helbing wouldn't tell whether the two will consciously team up to take down The Flash.
They will perform alongside Chris Nathan, who have all donated their time and talent to support the Operation Coexist mission.
Coexist is the follow-up to their Mercury award-winning 2009 debut xx.
A significant involvement of the state in the media sector has and continues to coexist with strong protection for press freedom and a deeply held respect for journalistic autonomy" (p.
BOGOTA, October 11, 2011 (WAFA) -- President Mahmoud Abbas said Monday that the Palestinians are willing to peacefully coexist with Israel as long as it recognizes their right to statehood and halts all settlements activities in the Palestinian Territory, especially East Jerusalem.
In fact, it raises questions about contemporary Islam's ability to coexist with non-Islamic peoples -- in Iraq and elsewhere.
The inauguration ceremony was attended by a number of United Nations ambassadors, Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, founder of the Coexist Foundation, and spiritual leaders of the Abrahamic religions, including Imam Ali Shamsi, Orthodox Emny, Father Patrick Ryan, Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, and Priest William Findley.
Geraint Hopkins, policy officer for Churches Together in Wales, said: "Religion and science can coexist and it is essential they do so.
Websites and print will coexist, because they offer different user experiences.
There is nothing in any creed of Islam that sanctions any Muslim's right to peacefully coexist with, or have mutual respect for, any other religion.
We've played almost all the new material live, but we're saving "Cool Out and Coexist.
that I love, the Statue of Liberty and troops on the border cannot coexist.
This study explores the resultant questions of how and why animal abuse and other forms of family violence frequently coexist.
The girls' civil rights can coexist peacefully with freedom of religion.