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coexist peacefully, as of nations

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exist together

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Most coexist with us and are beneficial in fending off disease or aiding our digestive process.
McNally purposely tries to let his own life story and that of the historical Jesus coexist in time, so that references to Elvis Presley and Lucille Ball jostle Roman centurions and the garden at Gethsemane.
To fathom how five quark components can coexist within one particle, theorists expect to reconsider their models of the interactions among quarks and gluons, the particles that bind quarks together.
Photos taken in Venezuela or South Africa, for example, are literally "prolonged" in hand-drawn pendants executed several years later; a six-monitor video piece takes its images from a 1997 performance in Angola and its title from a seventeenth-century haiku; and an installation from the series "Nuevas architectures" (New architectures 2001), uses rice-paper lamps to construct millennial table-top cities where igloos, ziggurats, and pyramids coexist with modernist monoliths and futuristic towers undulating toward the ceiling/sky.
He performs both halves of a dialogue between Hedwig and Tommy so nimbly that the characters seem to coexist onstage.
COME TOGETHER Potts' curiosity about prehistoric ecosystems had been piqued by a wave of scientific interest in how modern species come to coexist in specific areas.
Living in our ecumenical age, it is assumed as common wisdom that the three monotheistic religions can coexist in harmony and that a "trialogue" can resolve their differences and unify humanity.
For example, texts about proceedings by a district attorney's office to investigate 190 notaries coexist with the demands of indigenous communities: "The p'was consider the exploitation of petroleum to be detrimental to their culture," reads one of the reports from the newspaper.
employs surgical tools to dissect the skin which covers the mundane and exposes the intricate web of psychological implications which are hidden deep within our complex attitudes towards sexual ambivalence." Like his near-exact contemporary (and fellow puddle jumper) Candace Bushnell, however, Moynihan is basically a high-end retailer of the human condition, and Boogie-Woogie bops along in teleready episodes wherein a dozen or so roues, crackpots, compulsives, lewd ingenues, and feckless strivers variously engage, intersect, or simply coexist in prime time together, as if on split screens.
Armstrong has a sense of humor, at times quiet, as in Moon Under Morning Glory and Amaryllis Over Moonrise, in which mutant and "natural" flowers coexist, and at times goofy, as in the Masaccio Adam and Eve being expelled from a Ruscha-like bar in Eighty-Sixed.
Twenty to 40 different species of phytoplankton--such as diatoms and algae--can coexist within a single cubic centimeter of water, all vying just for light and a handful of nutrients.
In Hume's fairyland, enchantment and disenchantment coexist. These are vanitas pictures in a very precise way.
Inevitably, some bacteria in the animals, in manure-tainted fields, and in local waters evolve to coexist with the drug.
Instead of killing rogue B cells, immune system T cells coexist peacefully with them, apparently because of the defective SH2D1A protein, says Juan Sayos, an immunologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and a coauthor of the Nature paper.
But Lichtenstein was making a sophisticated joke about mark-making, while Rae heavy-handedly insists on the chestnut that expression is constructed - that hot splotches and cool geometry can coexist in a single work.