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Synonyms for coeval

belonging to the same period of time as another

one of the same time or age as another


Synonyms for coeval

a person of nearly the same age as another

of the same period

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Coeval development of the leaf and the subtended unit inflorescence may be simply modeled: formation of leaf primordium=development and differentation=leaf.
Similar groups of coeval explosion craters have recently been documented at sites like Cerro Xalapaxco in central Mexico, where multiple phreatomagmatic eruptions occurred at a site with an especially abundant water supply (Abrams and Siebe, 1994).
And, conversely, if the universe was not an afterthought, then surely it must also have been coeval with the Creator Himself, namely, eternal.
Unlike the Atlantic, whose Jurassic sediments are dominated by the skeletal remains of calcareous plankton, the coeval Pacific record of 160 to 150 million years ago shows clay and siliceous microfossils deposited in depths below which calcium carbonate could not be preserved.
Nine of the remaining ten papers focus on the Maya ballgame, the variant for which we have the greatest amount of coeval iconographical data.
Let it be known that original rights, conditions of original contracts, [are] coequal with prerogative and coeval with government; that many of our rights are inherent and essential, agreed on as maxims and established as preliminaries, even before a parliament existed.
It is unlikely that this wave of nationalism will last forever; there have been many cycles of exclusivist politics throughout the modern period, coeval with ebbs and flows in the trajectory of global capitalism.
Parallel to these coeval examples, Petrarch's critique of tradition includes Virgil, Horace, Ovid, Cicero and Seneca, as a way to combine classical and sacred sources.
It would have been interesting to see the author discuss the reasons for the radically different value and function attributed to poetry in Dream vis-a-vis The Scholars, considering that the two works were virtually coeval.
(4) The unusual provinciality shown by the bivalve fauna has also been observed in the coeval Ammonite fauna of the Salt Range and the Surghar Range.
This sirenia is obviously coeval (same age or date of origin) with the hosting rock, the St.
The fact that the base of the next younger isotope zone (BC10) is at closely the same level as the base of the global Amorphognathus ordovicicus conodont Zone indicates that the Estonian Saunja excursion is coeval with the North American WAYNESVILLE excursion and both represent the BC10 Isotope Zone.
Nor were analyzed taking into account previous results obtained in other coeval sections of the Lusitanian Basin--the Murtinheira section, corresponding to the distal part of the platform, and the Sao Giao section, corresponding to the transitional part of the platform, both located in the Northern sector of the basin --thus enabling the interpretation of the detailed paleoecological conditions prevailing within different sectors and areas of the Lusitanian Basin during the Early-Middle Jurassic times.
As Welch writes in "He Greets, Again, the Open Road": "Shrineless, I // pilgrim // through the world." By both design and circumstance, Ring of Bone is coeval with the poet's life: it's organized according to the phases of his personal narrative, and his actual life ended not long after the manuscript was complete.