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Synonyms for coeval

belonging to the same period of time as another

one of the same time or age as another


Synonyms for coeval

a person of nearly the same age as another

of the same period

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Paleontological investigations of the Upper Permian-Lower Triassic sequence, presented above, show a remarkable similarity in faunal turnover patterns with coeval rocks of the Northern Indian Margin and the South China Block (Galfetti al.
Ytterholmen revisited--implications for the Late Wenlock stratigraphy of Gotland and coeval extinctions.
Through spoken performances, the Maya can assert distinct, yet coeval, voices.
Two samples from this unit were dated at the Centro National de Aceleradores; the first one (CNA-809) was a bone sample and provided a date ranging from 650 to 780 cal AD and therefore coeval to that obtained from the upper stratum.
Sandstone composition reveals differences among coeval sediments from India, Nepal, and other nearby wells of the Bengal Basin.
As to Mimica's argument in his essay that 'the world-historical trajectory is one and the same', I think it is critical to realize that in terms of Ferguson's decomposed axis of time we are all coeval (see Fabian 1983).
All Hat property drill holes passed through Late Triassic age Stuhini formation andesitic flows and tuffs and coeval iron-rich gabbroic intrusive rocks and all rocks, with the exception of a few apparently much younger dykes, are variably altered with development of chlorite, magnetite and, less frequently, biotite.
Relatively new disciplines, such as geo-engineering and nanotechnology, fields of study that promise transformative innovations and coeval ethical implications, are approached with maturity and nuance.
For Litvin, Hamlet "encapsulates a debate coeval with the largely constitutive of modern Arab identity: the problem of self-determination and authenticity" (2).
Some C's are for losers, some winners: In the corners, coeval,
The transaction represents the largest energy and utility M&A transaction in in the history of the Bulgarian market and coeval the largest CSEE power transaction in 2011 at the time of closing in June 2011.
The problem with texts that perform the politically useful function of supplementing history ('committed' literature, litterature engagee) is that they are in a sense incomplete without the history that they are supplementing: they require a real-world context coeval with and identical to their representations in order to perform their referential-cum-ethical function of bearing witness.
In the Theatre Histories volume, Alan Filewod has been guided by a set of thematic concerns operating across the articles: an urgent commitment to feminist analysis (Susan Bennett's "Feminist (Theatre) Historiography/Canadian (Feminist) Theatre"), to the interplay between local and national identity formations (Ric Knowles's account of Mulgrave Road), and to the interface--marked in Denis Salter's landmark essay "On Native Ground: Canadian Theatre Historiography and the Postmodernism/Post-colonialism Axis"--between historiography and the competing paradigms of postcolonial and postmodern analysis, two terms of the art coeval with the configuration of Canadian Theatre Studies itself.