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Synonyms for coetaneous

belonging to the same period of time as another

Synonyms for coetaneous

of the same period

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Acute glomerulonephritis in these patients may be only associated to hepatitis A virus or to another coincidental infection, including streptococcus, as in the patient in our clinical case, who presented prior coetaneous infection with hypochromic spots on the extremities (pyodermatitis stigma), pneumonia, hepatitis A documented with IgM antibodies for hepatitis A virus.
He opted instead for a more "studied, narrative-driven neutrality," to cite Michael Billington's phrase, penned in respect of Tim Carroll's coetaneous production of the Merchant with the RSC.
History refers to the set of narratives developed to capture and reconfigure coetaneous clusters of human ideas, emotions and actions as they occur within given spatial-temporal coordinates.
What he does not answer is the extent to which two such texts do indeed "coexist within the same community of readers," or whether coetaneous readers inhabiting a common, or similar, literary imaginary can constitute separate reading communities.
Association of coetaneous most cell and sensory nerves with psychic stress in psoriasis.
running sores and coetaneous diseases of the most painful as well as contagious character infected the entire load.
In 1993 he published his Memorias, a painstakingly detailed narrative of his life, at odds in many points with a previously written biography by his son, Camilo Cela Conde, as well as with the recollections of his many friends and coetaneous narrators.
PESHAWAR -- A state-of-the-art centre for treatment of children suffering from coetaneous leishmaniasis has been established in Gen Naseerullah Babar Teaching Hospital here.
What I want to underline by enumerating the multiple denouements of this episode is that a single occasion, and grabbing onto it or not, affects not just the world of the actor in question; it ripples outward towards numerous coetaneous worlds and in diverse manner.
Peacham's description is an advance on other coetaneous definitions, for here he maintains that the artistic imitation of human nature should be tackled from a perspective that echoes these early modern theories of the passions.
The author does offer some evidence and explanation of a coetaneous sense of the difference between the two kinds of accounts, but, by setting these two categories in opposition, this chapter oversimplifies the deeper issues involved in ascertaining truth and credibility in primary and secondary sources.
Diseases caused by bacteria fungi and parasites are discussed in equal depth along with diseases common in the West such as inflammatory disorders and coetaneous malignancy.