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Synonyms for coequal

one that is very similar to another in rank or position

Words related to coequal

having the same standing before the law

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MACKINNON, FEMINISM UNMODIFIED 94-95 (1987) ("Sexual intercourse, still the most common cause of pregnancy, cannot simply be presumed coequally determined."); see also Celia W.
coequally with the other statute (or even as having a lesser priority) would promote unclarity and confusion.
freely and coequally willed or determined--or equal.")
It is one of the fundamentals of a fair trial, whether under the Constitution or at common law standing coequally with the right to be heard, that a party be apprised of the case which he or she faces.
The new strategy points out the need to be prepared for war but asserts that peaceful influence of another major power is coequally important and much preferred.