coenzyme A

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a coenzyme present in all living cells

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Pantetheine forms a chunk of a larger molecule, coenzyme A. Because coenzyme A acts in conjunction with other enzymes to facilitate reactions in living organisms, the authors believe it may have "acted in this capacity very early in the development of life on Earth."
Among other things, coenzyme A helps amino acids hook together and aids in making peptides.
He called it coenzyme A, where the A stood for acetyl group.
Pantothenic acid is essential to life and must be present in our food, because the human body cannot form it within its own tissues, cannot form coenzyme A without it, and cannot run metabolic changes without coenzyme A.
Lipmann had demonstrated the existence of coenzyme A (see 1947) as the carrier of the acetyl group, which represented a crucial crossroad in metabolism.