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optical device used to follow the path of a celestial body and reflect its light into a telescope

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A coelostat is an instrument used in which Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Alfred Hitchcock; 2 Codling; 3 It has a changeable lustre; 4 The score above which the number of competitors is reduced; 5 The Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company; 6 Sergeant Bilko; 7 Damon Runyon; 8 Astronomy; 9 David Arquette; 10 Alice Springs.
Other instruments include the robotic 0.41-m Watcher reflector (University College, Dublin, Ireland), the 0.41-m Nishimura reflector, the 0.33-m Alvan Clark refractor, the historic 0.25-m Metcalf triplet refractor and a 0.20-m coelostat. A stellar auditorium, seating 100 inside and 200 on the roof, is used during the Observatory's many public evenings.
We would also like to hear from anyone who may be able to help with the acquisition of a suitable 2-mirror type coelostat delivering a beam between 4 and 12 inches clear aperture: it doesn't matter how old and well-worn, as long as the optical surfaces are undamaged and the mechanicals serviceable.
coelostat A flat mirror that is mechanically steered so that it continuously reflects light from the same area of the sky into the field of view of an instrument that is fixed in position.
A coelostat projects a 1.1-meter solar image onto a screen inside the 30-seat auditorium for viewing sunspots throughout the day, and a diffraction grating can be added to produce a wide solar spectrum.
Finally, a coelostat mirror does not reflect sunlight vertically down a solar tower telescope without the aid of a secondary mirror.