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of or in or belonging to the cavity of the abdomen


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(9) recognised the tTG antibody as the major endomysial autoantigen in coeliac disease.
It's Coeliac Awareness Week so with help from Coeliac UK and other dedicated websites we've found where you can go out to eat in South Wales knowing there's something on the menu that's just right for you.
A disease - rather than an allergy or intolerance - when people with coeliac eat gluten, their immune system mistakes it as a threat and attacks healthy tissues.
The study sample was divided into two groups based on their coeliac serology results and then compared.
Coeliac Disease is the inability of the body to digest gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and processed oats.
The campaign, launched by the Charity earlier this year, asked supermarkets to commit to having a basket of eight core items of gluten-free food in stock across all their stores, making it easier for people with coeliac disease to manage their diet.
An estimated 1,000 people suffer with coeliac disease in the West Midlands and have to check the gluten content of everything they eat and drink.
'There are blood tests that can tell you if you're likely to have Coeliac Disease.
Joe West from University of Nottingham, funded by Coeliac UK and CORE has shown that the level of diagnosis has increased to 24%.
Organisations such as Coeliac UK who work tirelessly to raise awareness of the disease, a potentially life-threatening intolerance to the gluten protein found in wheat and many other grains, launched this year's Coeliac Awareness Week (12th--18th May 2014).
Objectives: To investigate whether certain DR alleles might also contribute to the genetic susceptibility among Coeliac disease patients in Pakistan.
The coeliac trunk is an important part of the arterial system as it supplies blood to not only the stomach, but the spleen, liver, and other aspects of the digestive tract, as well.
Mr Forbes believes it is a blunder on Coeliac Australia's part to advocate for a higher amount of allowed gluten in food items.