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Conventional correlation factors may be computed using the quadratic matrix of the basic coefficients of correlation and Eq.
wait] of an arbitrary customer on the parameter K for arrival flows of energy with different coefficients of correlation.
Coefficients of correlation among ten characters of orchids.
The financial values extracted from the above table constitute the data inputs for analyzing and evaluating the coefficients of correlation (r) and determination ([r.
The values showing the strength of the relationship between variables, which are the most important measures of the adequacy of experimental data, namely the coefficients of correlation (R) and coefficients of determination ([R.
eta]]; coefficients of correlation R([tau]) (where [tau] is difference of time between numbers of sampling).
A multiple linear regression between the mechanical properties, geometric and anatomic characteristics yielded higher coefficients of correlation with bending strength (described below) than the coefficients of correlation obtained by simple linear regression analysis (presented in Table 1).
The data were analyzed by computing coefficients of correlation between dimensions of parental behavior and academic achievement.
Table 1: Coefficients of Correlation between 1-12 partials of Synthesized and Recorded Tone 'C1' Partial Number Correlation coefficient 1 0.
However, since the data we have used for our correlations is collected from the Statistical Yearbook of 2007 which depicts the situation at national level, it means that this model is totally significant for the entire population, thus, we feel entitled to recognize the values of the coefficients of correlation.
The multidimensional coefficients of correlation and determination and the average standard deviation of the empirical equations (1)-(4) are presented in Table 6.
v]) for two kinds of the composites was further evaluated by the coefficients of correlation (r), determined by the Eq.
Close three-way coefficients of correlation (r = 0.
This agrees with our results on the overall correlation at different timepoints during saline infusion test, revealing coefficients of correlation between Nichols CLIA and the 2 commercial nonextraction RIAs between 0.
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