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Empirical equations (2-4) and coefficients of correlation and determination have been established with reference to regression analysis.
The summary outputs for the correlations among variables showed a relatively high value for each one of Pearson's coefficients of correlation.
The coefficients of correlation show that there is an extremely strong interdependence between the stages of drying regime and physical and mechanical parameters as the coefficient of determination is higher than 0.
The values of multidimensional coefficients of correlation characterizing the interdependence are R = 0.
Table 3 shows the coefficients of correlation between RL and volume resistivity at different frequencies.
Coefficients of correlation between volume resistivity and reflection loss at different frequencies.
The coefficients of correlation r among tissues in carcasses and rib samples determined by dissection and by CT are presented in Table 4.
1999) stated the coefficients of correlation vary between (r = 0.
Including a single outlier, Pearson (Spearman) coefficients of correlation with actual costs were 0.
The purpose of this study was to develop a model that describes the changes observed in coefficients of correlation readings.
Generally, we observed only small changes in concentrations, which did not significantly affect coefficients of correlation.
Although the one-year lagged values of foreign aid variables produce positive and statistically significant coefficients of correlation with economic growth, the weak explanatory power of the estimated equation does not indicate that foreign aid is a serious contributor to economic activity.
The estimated regression equations for domestic savings provide negative coefficients of correlation between foreign aid and domestic effort for resource mobilisation.
In the Table 1 the coefficients of correlations of independent variable (comparison) were higher with all the three dependent variables, i.
In the above table the coefficients of correlations of independent variable (comparison) with all the three dependent variables, namely, improvement, enhancement, and self-evaluation, were higher than 0.
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