coefficient of drag

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the ratio of the drag on a body moving through air to the product of the velocity and the surface area of the body

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If the coefficient of drag is small such as airfoil, the friction drag would have to be taken into account.
You can see the styling for yourself, but what you can't see is a coefficient of drag of 0.23 that makes the new E-Class one of the slipperiest saloons in the world.
And Mercedes claims fuel efficiency of close to 18kmpl, which is no doubt aided by the great coefficient of drag that at 0.25 is amongst the best for production cars.
Smart aerodynamic engineering helps create a low coefficient of drag in the segment which aids in the Sunny's fuel economy.
All 2015 models are coupled with a nine-speed automatic transmission and offer a low 0.27 coefficient of drag.
where: [P.sub.ic] represents the measured pressure, KPa; [] represents the calculated pressure, KPa; [G.sub.m,ij] represents the mass flow in pipe section which associated with the node i, t/h; [Q.sub.i] represents the outflow mass flow of node i, t/h; N represents the number of node; [d.sub.Hij] represents the pump head connected to the node i, m; [S.sub.min] represents the lowest limit of the coefficient of drag characteristics of each pipe section in the pipe network vector, Pa x [h.sup.2]/[t.sup.2]; [S.sub.max] represents the supreme limit of the coefficient of drag characteristics of each pipe section in the pipe network vector, Pa x [h.sup.2]/[t.sup.2].
It may not look like a boy racer, but its aerodynamics are enough to make a BMW M car take note, having a coefficient of drag of 0.27.
Taillights have been reshaped to reduce turbulence at the rear, helping to create a lower coefficient of drag. The new lights integrate stop, turn and side marker lighting functions in one combined lamp.
The front end blends smoothly into the cabin, while design elements such as the shape of the trunk lid help give the Sunny excellent aerodynamics, as seen by it's low coefficient of drag of just 0.31.
The sleek, aerodynamic design lowers the coefficient of drag, guaranteeing less air resistance and a smooth drive.
Both technologies were used on breakthrough vehicles like the pre-production Chevrolet Volt advanced concepts like the Electric Networked Vehicle, known as the EN-V In the case of the Volt, RP technology was used in areas ranging from design, development and validation of the battery cooling system to helping to lower its coefficient of drag.
The Prius v's coefficient of drag is claimed to be a low 0.29.
The low 0.28 coefficient of drag (Cd) helps minimize wind noise while also helping to maximize highway fuel efficiency.
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