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The outputs of the numerical simulation, which are the velocities and differential pressures, were then used to calculate the discharge coefficient of the Venturi tubes.
The collected calibration data was used as the baseline reference when comparing the discharge coefficient between experiment and numerical simulation.
When the [+ or -]1-SD interval crosses 0, the probability that a contract-level coefficient will reverse the sign of the global coefficient exceeds [greater than or equal to]16 percent; we highlight these cases with black tick marks.
Direct and indirect effects of traits on grain yield were calculated using genotypic correlation coefficient of various traits as suggested by Wright (1921) and elaborated by Dewey and Lu (1959).
In this paper, two sequences out of these M sequences are chosen for quantized DCT coefficient category address encryption and block shuffle.
s] and coefficient of variation were arrived: that [mathematical expression not reproducible] = 1.
Svishchev, Calculation of the Third Virial Coefficient For Water, J.
Formula (3) is the correlation coefficient equation.
Once implemented, the team anticipates that the revised test method will appropriately quantify coating frictional coefficients and ensure proper connection performance.
The kinetic friction coefficient is a useful indicator for describing tribological performance of a solid lubricant coating.
At that, to use a single solvent extraction equation, the analyzed oil distribution coefficient Kt must be found experimentally beforehand [1, 2].
H1: Value added intellectual coefficient (VAIC) has an impact on financial performance (with standard ROA) of pharmaceutical companies listed in Tehran stock exchange.
To examine the extent of this form of systematic error, the reflection coefficient is calculated due to a nonplanar incident-field wavefront and used in the extraction scheme in the exact manner as the reflection coefficient due to a plane wave.
has positive coefficients for all m [greater than or equal to] 3, where we use the standard q-series notation, [(a).