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The new input coefficient is estimated using the CE method, basically by determining the set of a posteriori probabilities under given restrictive conditions, which minimizes the cross entropy distance between a priori and a posteriori probability distributions.
coefficient effect on the value intellectual capital and its components have been examined, since the financial Performance of this research is measured by three criteria including: return on assets (ROA), earnings per share (EPS) and return on equity (ROE), and the coefficient of added value components of intellectual capital consists of three components: value added capital coefficient (VACA), human capital coefficient (VAHU),and structural capital coefficient (STVA), for its overall assessment the three main hypotheses and three sub hypotheses have been proposed and tested.
1] is the coefficient used to calculate the pressure distribution p, and [k.
g) additional walling sills in the first PP heat-insulating ceramic tile, heat transfer coefficient U = 0.
For example, we can compare the grandfathering principle's carbon Gini coefficient of 0.
The instantaneous Euclidean Hubble coefficient is defined as the rate of expansion in Euclidean metrics at any given point in time along the trajectory of a light ray reaching the observer.
The government-backed Chinese Academy of Social Sciences estimated China's Gini coefficient at nearly 0.
Farid Lian, AIC Senior Vice President for Research and Business Development commented "perhaps the main achievement of AIC research team, has been the development of a fully automated system which, when activated, would autonomously update itself to capture developments in total performance constituents, detect and indicate the listing of new shares, and recalibrate itself accordingly, so as to return the updated Beta Coefficient for each of the market's twelve sectors at any point in time.
The accompanying table shows the consistency index and power-law coefficient for several polymer types, and the temperature range in which the values were established.
The centre, which has links to the state, estimated the Gini coefficient, a measure of inequality, was 0.
For a given cone meter geometry this equation uses the discharge coefficient to link known fluid properties and the read DP to the flow rate.
Correlation coefficient is an inference statistic that is often used to quantify a relationship between two continuous variables in many medical studies.
alpha]] are local coefficient of the superspray (2.