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Gove talking codswallop when came fishing ports REMAIN " An SNP spokeswoman said: "Gove claims to have the industry's best interests at heart, but it sounds a bit fishy to us."
The dad of the girl told the ECHO: "He said the case was 'codswallop'.
Pietersen's former team-mate Graeme Swann has described the superstar batsman's autobiography, due to go on general sale tomorrow, as "codswallop" and "the biggest work of fiction since Jules Verne".
(5) 22 Tam's wobbly radio antenna (4) 23 Government rules are partly codswallop, in retrospect (4)
Great detail in both pictures and words work in unison so that it is all sheer delight in the long tradition of enticing and entertaining codswallop. Codswallop of the highest order and a compulsive read for a great many youngsters.
DOWN 2 Astronaut, 3 Linger, 4 Luck, 5 Referendum, 6 Codswallop, 9 Interpret, 12 Falcon, 15 Semi.
Considering US actions in the Middle East in the last two decades, I would say the marines' actions represent the entire American nation except they were boldly done without the usually diplomatic codswallop justifying the crimes.
However, it's a load of codswallop that cost pounds 2m to compile, so maybe we should all take the time to answer if we get roped in?
But the federation said the claims were "codswallop" and it was considering legal action.
"If you think it's just scientists getting together to sort out a problem, that's codswallop," he says.
As stated on Harrington's site: "Betaville has a wide range of high-level sources but from time to time some intelligence alerts may contain a 'RARE' disclaimer [meaning that it is] market gossip that hasn't been tested through all formal journalistic channels...The rumour might be total codswallop but then again there may be something in it, so it's worth airing on Betaville." Charter shares are up $14.00, or 4.2%, to $346.75 following the report from Betaville.
READING a recent letter from a correspondent I noticed he or she used the word 'codswallop.' How did that saying originate?
Like much else of what Gove had to say about how wonderful life would be outside the EU, it was codswallop.
Codswallop! Those savings will never materialise, they never do.