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(15th-16th century) a flap for the crotch of men's tight-fitting breeches

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Jesse almost got knocked out by Henry VIII's codpiece
Just one example of Friedman's magisterial use of this material is his survey of images of the labors of January and February in three celebrity Books of Hours, the Tres Riches Heures of Jean Duc de Berri, the Grimani Breviary, and the Hennessy Hours, which depict rustic urchins urinating from doorways, adults warming their genitals before the fire as well as a prominently displayed codpiece worn by peasant chopping wood.
74) figured in the changing fashion of the codpiece, whose semantic instability depended upon its 'transferability' (p.
As fake as his codpiece was, so was his "cakewalk" of an invasion.
When we do the R**d Like a Beast album (ala WASP's F**k Like a Beast), I'll be wearing a bloody book codpiece on the cover.
In Neidhardt's Greece, order is maintained via a patriarchal regime of sexual violence: Theseus, clad in leather codpiece and suit, sadistically keeps his fiance Hippolyta restrained with a dog-collar and leash; Demetrius threatens the infatuated Helena with rape and worse; Oberon takes perverse pleasure in his wife Titania's bestial relations with Bottom.
And make Dangerous Leake there, deface Turnbul, And tickle Codpiece Rowe, ruine the Cockpit, the Poore Players ne're thriud in't, a my Co[n]science some Queane pist vpon the first Bricke.
Sir Philip Sidney is balancing a wine glass on his codpiece
His right hand wraps around his sword and makes a fist more horizontal than a codpiece.
The outfit I created consists of a pair of custom-designed latex short shorts with studded codpiece and rear zipper as well as a matching top with buckling collar and short cropped sleeves," says Gent.
The taller one was dressed in a black costume with a white ruff collar, snuglyfitting doublet, codpiece, long cloak, breeches and square-toed shoes.
For the record, the show's producers insist there was no "hidden codpiece memo" from eithe themselves or their US counterparts.
Four writers, six performers and six weeks of hard work has resulted in this new show by Warwick University's Codpiece Theatre company and Freshblood New Writing Society.
Jay Simpson is outstanding as the devil dog, who appears in little more than a codpiece and wagging tail, with enlarged pointed ears and twisted horns.
Even the King wore one, accessorised with a chainmail codpiece and a weird tonsure that made him resemble a Klingon warlord, recently beamed down into the vast, grim hangar of designer Madeleine Boyd's set.