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a specific sequence of three adjacent nucleotides on a strand of DNA or RNA that specifies the genetic code information for synthesizing a particular amino acid

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Conclusion: In Pakistani women the association of TP53 gene codon 72 arginine/proline polymorphism was present.
All isolates had a single point mutations and highest frequency of mutation was observed in codon 531 (60%) followed by 516 (20%), 526 (8%) 572 (4%) and 582 and 512 (3%).
Benavidez also led the groundbreaking ceremony of the 5 MVA Codon Substation in San Andres, Catanduanes.
and we analyzed the main features in terms of the genome organization, gene arrangement and codon usage.
Such a difference of results is influenced by several factors: differences of the techniques used for detecting mutations, differences in codon of the gene that is considered codon 12 and/or 13 and/or 61 and differences in the selection and study population.
A previous insilico study reported from our laboratory on mutation at codon 442 (15) revealed that this mutation affects the interaction of 441 with rifampicin due to change in the loop conformation, a consequence to this mutation, but later on clinical follow up, the patient was found to respond to MDT.
Methods: We conducted an updated analysis of 18 casecontrol studies to determine the association between the XRCC1 codon 399 polymorphism and PCA risk.
At the next step, a set of mutations was induced according to the codon optimized approach for efficient transfection into the chicken genome with the specific primers and PCR strategy depicted in Figure 3B.
Hence, numerous genotypic assays have been developed in past decades to precisely target the mutated codon and to rapidly detect drug resistance among clinical isolates (5-6,11-13).
Normal codon 12 (Glycine: GGT) and codon 13 (Alaninie: GGC) were found in 68% of the 100 cases of CRC.
Because the K-ras codon 12 and TP53 mutations are the most promising biomarkers of CRC tumour progression, the objective of this study was to assess K-Ras and TP53 gene status in blood samples of patients with advanced colorectal carcinoma.
The codons in mRNA are recognized by tRNA molecules which contain a 3-base sequence complementary to a codon and called an anticodon.
Six subtypes of sCJD have been classified according to the prion protein (PrP) genotype at codon 129 (methionine [M]/M, M/valine [V], VV) and the biochemical profile of the protease-resistant core of the abnormal disease-specific PrP (Pr[P.