coding DNA

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sequence of a gene's DNA that transcribes into protein structures

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MeDIP-Seq reads distribution in 2 kb region upstream of the transcription start sites (TSS), 5'-untranslated regions (UTRs), coding DNA sequence (CDS), introns, 3'-UTRs, 2 kb region downstream of the TTS and repeats.
Unlike coding DNA, non-coding DNA is thought to be devoid of any private data.
Even more surprising, the coding DNA segments (macronuclear destined sequences, or MDSs) in Oxytricha species are sometimes present in a jumbled order relative to their mature position in the macronuclear copy.
Much less is known about the remaining 98 percent of the genome; however, in the 1960s, scientists recognized that some of the non-protein coding DNA regulates when and where genes are turned on and off, and how much protein they produce.
To do this, the researchers spent two years producing and optimizing a viral vector to deliver mutated, LRRK2 coding DNA into the rat brain.